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Why Are Waterproof Shoes a Great Investment?

Woman in black Vessi waterproof shoes walking on a wet path

The human body is impressive, but one downside? Feeling physically uncomfortable. It can manifest in many ways, like forgetting a coat when it’s cold/rainy or sitting in an uncomfortable position
 but in our opinion, having cold feet and/or wet socks are among the worst feelings on the list.

You know what we mean. You step in a puddle that you thought would only breach the rubber part of your sneaker, but it’s actually way deeper, and suddenly your entire foot is soaked, and just like that, you’re in a bad mood. Even worse -  this happens in the morning  and you don't have a backup pair of footwear so your whole day is ruined by soggy socks. And even, even worse – if there is such a thing? – is when your shoes are white and the puddle is muddy!

We can’t help but feel uncomfortable sometimes, but there are things we can do to prevent moments of discomfort! When combating the wet-sock/soaked-shoe issue, the quick answer is waterproof shoes. Yet, when it comes to waterproof shoes, many immediately think of rubber rain boots or bulky snow boots. Comfortable waterproof shoes aren’t the first thing you think of because, well, not many exist.

What Is Considered a Comfortable Waterproof Shoe? 

While it’s all based on preference, we think of it holistically. What’s a shoe style that is not only comfortable but waterproof? Not only supportive but flexible? Not only low-maintenance but breathable? A good waterproof sneaker checks all of those boxes and more. 

Waterproof sneakers are constructed like a rain jacket – protective on the outside, comfortable and temperature-regulating on the inside. So, if you unintentionally find yourself getting out of your car and stepping directly in a puddle, you’ll find your feet protected, comfortable, warm, and above all else, dry. 

Sneakers are a better bet than a weatherproof boot because style-wise, they’re versatile. Many waterproof sneaker styles are minimal enough to wear to work, with different colors to match nearly any dress code. 

Benefits of Waterproof Sneakers

Person splashing in a puddle to show off Vessi waterproof shoes

Let’s run through some overall benefits of this shoe style once more, without the fluff: 

  • Rain & Snow Proof
  • Trendy
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Long-Lasting
  • Low Maintenance

When it comes to Vessi waterproof sneakers, specifically, they’re: 

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Vegan
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Feature Removable Insoles
  • Stylish 

If those aren’t enough benefits, we don’t know what to tell ya, but we’ll give it one last shot.

How Are Vessi Waterproof Shoes Made? 

Man and woman sitting on a concrete slab wearing Vessi Cityscapes in autumn

Vessi shoes are special because the waterproof design was a priority, not an afterthought. We patented a material called Dyma-Tex that’s unlike anything you’ve seen in footwear before. It’s waterproof, breathable, stretchy, and lightweight.

Plus, we mentioned how they’re eco-friendly, right? We thought the standard manufacturing process was less than ideal for many reasons, including the consumption of resources during production and the use of animal products found in raw materials like glue, making the standard far less environmentally sustainable than most realize. This is why we use water-based adhesives, and any leather or suede you see is engineered to be mindful of our planet from start to finish. 

In addition to being vegan, we developed a mindful manufacturing process that ensures each pair is made with 30% less water, 600% less energy consumption, and 97% less material trim waste, compared to the commercial standards. That means you can feel good about the shoes you’re purchasing because they aren’t adding to the global waste and global pollution problems we’re facing. The idea is to reduce the overall carbon footprint left by the footwear industry, even if it’s just one shoe at a time. 

The best part: waterproof sneakers are sort of a two-for-one deal if you think about it. They’re fashionable and functional, which means you could cut down your closet if you find yourself overrun with footwear. Vessi shoes are certainly a closet staple for most occasions; you won’t need any other shoes, really, so you’ll be saving money going forward. Case closed? Our waterproof sneakers are worth the investment. Give Vessi a try.

Check out our line of men’s waterproof shoes and women’s waterproof shoes to see the different Vessi styles and colors available now.

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