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The world doesn’t need just another sneaker.

Not-so fun fact: The textile industry is one of the largest contributor to water pollution in the world.  At Vessi, we’re committed to changing this. By taking a more sustainable approach and manufacturing our sneakers from the ground up, we’ve been able to reinvent the way that shoes are made.

100% Vegan

100% Vegan

Creature Friendly.

No animal products, anywhere - not in the places you can see - like our soles or our fabric and accessories or where you can't - like the places that hold it all together.

A step in the right direction

Faster doesn’t always mean better, but in this case it does. Through tinkering and tweaking, we’ve somehow managed to cut traditional machine knit times from 45 mins to 7 mins, reducing each pairs carbon footprint by over 600%.

Traditional Knit Time

45 Min


7 Min

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