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What It Means to Be Eco-Friendly

A close-up image of a man’s legs standing in the rain, wearing Vessi eco-friendly shoes.


You might not think of your pair of running shoes as a major climate change culprit, but unfortunately, the shoe industry as a whole has a larger carbon footprint than you’d expect. Globally, footwear sales rack in billions of dollars each year. That means the shoes we choose to buy can make a big difference — for good or for bad.

Vessi has set out to change the norm in the footwear industry. While other shoe companies manufacture footwear using large amounts of water, energy, and excess material, Vessi is committed to minimizing the impact left on the environment. From source materials to our unique manufacturing processes, Vessi lives up to that commitment and only carries eco-friendly shoes.

 Healthier Materials

A close-up image of the Vessi Weekend eco-friendly sneakers displaying the unique waterproof material

This might be news to some, but many shoes (even those that aren’t made from leather) have various animal products in the materials; think glue. We’re not about that. Vessi shoes are 100% vegan. That means no animal products are used at any point in our processes.

If you’re a regular around here, you know that waterproofing is a unique, key feature in every pair of Vessis. Unlike other waterproof shoes, we don’t coat our shoes in harmful chemicals. The remarkable waterproofing of Vessis comes, instead, from our Dyma-Tex layer, a polyurethane membrane with pores small enough to let heat and moisture out without letting water in.

Starting with source materials like these allows Vessi to create better shoes for you, which in turn, are healthier for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

The typical manufacturing process for most footwear companies includes high water use, material trim waste, and excess energy consumption. At Vessi, we have reduced our water usage by 30%, in addition to reducing our energy consumption by 600%, and our material trim waste by 97%.

We truly believe that high-quality shoes don’t have to come at an extraordinary price for you or the environment. We work hard at Vessi to reduce our carbon footprint and make our shoes as clean as possible. Check out our collections of eco-friendly sneakers today.


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