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Why Vessi Is the Best Everyday Shoe for Winter

Man and woman sitting on a step enjoying the chilly weather.


When it comes down to it, function almost always beats fashion in the winter. If you don’t prioritize function over fashion, you’ll be cold, wet, and downright miserable. Some climates are more forgiving about what is considered winterwear, but in the colder, snowier parts of the world, you’re limited to only a few styles and fabrics, relying on accessories like scarves, beanies, or fun socks to give your outfit that oomph of personality. 

We know you’re probably tired of hanging up your favorite shoes and opting for snow or rain boots once it gets colder (or facing sopping socks and cold feet if you can’t stand snow boots). Plus, a lot of those heavy-duty weather boots are clunky, and last we checked, no one wants to lug bricks around on their feet all day.

So, this year you should try a good pair of waterproof shoes. More specifically, you should try Vessi shoes. All of our products are 100% waterproof, easy to clean, easy to put on and take off, breathable, lightweight, simple, and most of all, comfortable – like walking-on-clouds comfortable. Today we’ll delve into why waterproof everyday shoes are a must, especially in the winter, and we’ll show you the differences in our different shoe styles. 

Why You Need Waterproof Shoes for Outdoor Winter Activities

While a lot of winter activities are indoors (think decorating cookies, wrapping gifts, cozying up on the couch with a good book or movie, holiday gift exchanges, etc.), the more exciting events take you outside. And, in several areas of the world, the outdoors in the winter means sleet, snow, rain, flurries, and fog. What do all those things have in common? Water. 

Even if you stay in as much as possible, you’ll have to trek back and forth between your car and various destinations. It’s hard to fully avoid the wet of winter, unfortunately. 

Watery, snow-capped paths tend to make you opt for rain boots, right? But those are boring, pretty uncomfortable, and sometimes you still get cold feet. Whether you’re sledding, headed up a mountain to ski or snowboard, caroling, going ice skating, or simply admiring the glittering lights hung around town, chances are you’ll be stepping in some puddles. You shouldn’t have to layer up on the socks to make sure your feet stay warm, but that tends to be the case with rain or snow boots. 

Another problem is false advertising. “Water-resistant” does not mean “waterproof.” Vessi shoes are designed with waterproofing technology, crafting a new material that not only keeps your feet dry but controls their temperature. Your feet will have space to breathe, never feeling cooped up and stuffy. That’s why waterproof shoes, specifically Vessi everyday shoes, are such a game-changer.

Vessi Waterproof Shoes by Style

Weekend Shoes

A person showing how Vessi Weekends are great waterproof shoes

The Weekend shoe is our newest style, one that we’re hyped on. This shoe is your classic sneaker style with vegan “rubber” soles and interchangeable laces, perfect for any look. When we say “rubber,” that just means the soles are a combination of EVA and rubber, making them super slip-resistant and lightweight. 

The Weekend Sneakers introduce a new insole, molded from PU for improved comfort, shock absorption, rebound properties, and enhanced support so you can wear them all day without a care. These insoles are removable, so if you need extra arch support, you can use your custom orthotics without needing to go up in size. 

Plus, our Weekend style is the first style that’s machine washable! We recommend you remove the insoles and laces before you toss them in, but we wanted to make them as easy and manageable as possible, and we knew our customers had been dying for a machine-washable pair. This is in part due to a new type of knit, called Engineered Zone Knit, that’s more comfortable, more breathable, more flexible, and more relaxed in some areas, while other areas are more structured. 

It’s our most breathable, adaptable shoe yet. 

Everyday Shoes

A closeup of black Vessi Everyday waterproof shoes

Our Everyday shoe is a classic. It’s meant for any activity, no matter how active or casual. It has a chunkier midsole than the Cityscape (which we’ll get to next) for additional support and a higher lace cage for improved bridge support. You can tie them up tight and have them stay put if you’re on a run, hike, or ride, or you can leave them loose for errands and casual wear. They’re simple, they’re functional, they’re perfect everyday waterproof shoes – hence the name.

We might be biased, but we’re in love with the limited edition colors we put out in the Everyday shoe style, too… And hey, if you don’t like laces, no problem! We have slip-ons just for you. 

Cityscape Shoes

A woman wearing her Vessi Cityscape waterproof shoes in a lake.

The Cityscape waterproof shoes are similar in material and structure to our Everyday shoes but different in design. They’re the lightest weight of all our styles (so far) and have a simple, minimalistic design that works in several ways. As a great shoe for someone who works on their feet all day or a comfy play shoe for after you clock out, the Cityscapes can do it all.

What the Everyday & Cityscape Shoes Have in Common

A woman wearing Vessi waterproof slip-on shoes playing with her dog in the snow.

In addition to being waterproof, we pride ourselves on our ability to create a lightweight shoe that provides airy comfort while being eco-friendly. These shoes feature the Vessi “magic layer” known as Dyma-tex, our patented, original breathable knit. Just like our newer Engineered Zone Knit, it’s meant to keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

The Everyday and Cityscape styles have an antibacterial insole that keeps things fresh (we’re talking to you, stinky feet), while also cushioning the foot in cloud-like comfort. Plus, you’re protected with a super lightweight, bouncy sole with a unique herringbone grip, which will keep you on your feet even on the slipperiest paths. 

These shoes are proof that you can do something good for the earth and create a good product simultaneously, as we managed to cut our carbon footprint (no pun intended) by 600%. How? By cutting the production time from 45 minutes to 7 through innovation and trial and error. We want these shoes to be the one-shoe-fits-all option, reducing the need for multiple pairs of shoes for tens of different occasions. 

Why Vessi Is the PERFECT Winter Shoe

Nobody likes to be uncomfortable. The winter months can lead to some discomfort due to the cold, the snow, the ice, the overcast skies, and the wind, let alone the fact that it gets darker earlier making it that much worse. We’ve all been there, stepping in melted slush that seemed shallow, but then soaking your shoes and socks, making the rest of your day cold and miserable. You could always travel with a spare pair of socks, just in case, but we think waterproof shoes are a much better investment. Not only will Vessi shoes be good for the wet winter months, but the style will suit the other seasons more than a snow boot can.

Rain, sleet, snow, or shine, you can never go wrong with waterproof everyday shoes like Vessi. Like we’ve said, they’re simple, comfortable, lightweight, and functional, making them the perfect go-to shoe for anyone trying to brave winter a little differently this year.

Check Out All Vessi Styles for Yourself!

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