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What Makes Vessi the Best Shoes for Rain

Person wearing Vessi shoes on a rainy day

Have you ever been caught in a sudden rainstorm without a pair of wellies? Once your shoes get wet, it can be difficult for the rest of your day to carry on smoothly. Your socks are soaked, your feet cold, and who knows when your shoes will be dry. It’s not a fun time. 

There was a group of people from Vancouver (a notorious rain hot spot) struggling with that exact scenario not too long ago. They were tired of constantly getting caught in rainstorms and having to walk around in wet shoes all day. It was this constant irritation that gave birth to Vessi: the best shoe for the rain.

What makes the Vessi shoe so great for rain?

Light As Air

Women wearing Vessi rain shoes

Most rain shoes are clunky boots that weigh a ton, aren’t exactly fashionable, and are rarely comfortable or flexible. Often, rain boots are well insulated; sometimes too much, causing your feet to feel like literal ovens. If you live in a place that has frequent spring and summer rainstorms, you don’t really want to wear a warm winter boot to keep your feet dry. 

Vessi shoes are made to be lightweight to the point where you might even forget you’re wearing shoes.

The material they are made with is thin, while at the same time, surprisingly strong and waterproof. You get the best of both worlds with a Vessi shoe: lightweight AND waterproof. 

Your Feet Can Breathe

Vessi shoes are made with a patented material that does two things really well:

  1. Keep your feet 100% dry
  2. Let your feet breath 

Going back to clunky rain boots...they don’t do a great job of letting your feet breathe. When you take them off at the end of the day, they might have kept your feet dry from the rain but certainly not from your sweaty feet. And let’s not even get started about that unsavory foot odor you’ll have from keeping your feet in those insulated boots all day. 

The waterproof knit material that comprises Vessi shoes is made to keep water out of your shoe while allowing your feet to breathe at the same time. Even when it’s hot outside, your feet will stay nice and cool in a Vessi shoe.  

Wear Them Anywhere, Anytime

Person wearing Vessi rain shoes jumping on a puddle

Vessis are made to be worn in any weather, any time of the year. You can take them through rain, slush, snow, puddles, you name it and they will still keep your feet dry. They’re great for a number of activities like biking, hiking, walking around the city, and traveling. 

Let’s think about this for a moment: 

If you find yourself outdoors frequently, whether out for a nature walk or hitting up a favorite cafe near the office, you need a piece of footwear that is stylish, comfortable, and won’t let you down should the rain showers come unexpectedly.

The Vessi Rain Shoe

Man wearing Vessi rain shoes immersing his foot in the water

You don’t need clunky rain boots to enjoy splashing around in puddles. All you need are lightweight, stylish, sustainable Vessi rain shoes. We have different style varieties that range from shoes you can wear in the city, everyday sneakers, or simple slip-ons.

And did we mention that when you buy a Vessi shoe, you’re also helping out the community? Right now, Vessi will pay it forward by sending a portion of your purchase to help out the community! Check out our #makewaves Community Fund, here to learn more. On top of that, we’ve discovered a way to cut down on production time and we were able to reduce each pair of shoes' carbon footprint by 600%!

So not only will you feel good when you shop for Vessi shoes, you’ll feel good wearing them too. Buy a pair today. 

Shop Vessi rain shoes for men 
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