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How to Get Creases Out of Shoes for a New Look

Unsightly creases are everyone's worst nightmare when it comes to shoes. The downside is creases are inevitable, but the upside is you can fix them. Removing creases is like breathing new life into beat-up shoes; of course, we'll offer hacks on how to get creases out of shoes.

Why Does Creasing Happen?

Creasing is a normal occurrence in shoes. The more structured a shoe is, the more creases it's bound to get. Apart from our natural movement, and foot shape, there are other reasons shoes could be creasing faster than expected.

For instance, walking around with wet feet in leather shoes can cause creasing and tears in shoes. Alternatively, creases might happen when we wear structured footwear without socks and our feet sweat. Additionally, anyone's normal walking pattern might cause more creases in the shoes.

These problems usually occur with structured shoes. Luckily, our Vessi shoes offer some reprieve from such struggles. Not only are our shoes waterproof, but they can also keep the wearer's feet fresh, all while being flexible and versatile.

How to Get Creases Out of Shoes

As we walk, we tend to bend our toes, creating creases in the toe box. This means you cannot avoid creasing, and most shoes will always have a "lived-in" appearance as long as we wear them. Keep in mind the natural shape of the feet also has a part to play in the creases on shoes. So, how do you deal with them?

1) Use a blow dryer

It is common for leather shoes to develop creases due to natural movement. Applying heat (with caution) is the easiest way to get creases out of these shoes. A blow dryer is the safest method, even for beginners. The process should only take 30 minutes, and even the most creased sneakers should be as good as new after using the following steps.

Use a blowdryer

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  1. The shoes have to be clean and the shoelaces off.

  2. Stuff the inside of the shoes using newspaper, balled-up socks, or shoe trees. This brings even the deepest folds to the surface and ensures all the creases are visible.

  3. Place a damp towel (not wet) on the areas with creases.

  4. With the blow dryer set to medium heat, run it over the damp towel back and forth. This should be done in intervals of 3-5 minutes, holding the dryer 20-30cm away from the crease.

  5. Repeat as needed until there are no more creases.

  6. After the shoes dry, lace them up with clean laces.

2) Use an iron

Using an iron can remove creases and keep any pair of shoes looking like new. For this method, you require a cotton washcloth, water, and an iron. Still, the washcloth shouldn't be too thin to burn the shoes, nor should it be too thick such that no heat reaches the creases. The following process only takes 20-30 minutes.

Using an iron

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  1. Stuff the shoes.

  2. Set the iron to the low heat setting (higher temperatures might burn the shoes) and place the wet towel on the creases.

  3. Move the iron over the towel in intervals, but do not leave it in one area for too long to avoid burns on the shoes.

  4. After the creases and wrinkles are out, dry the shoes in a cool area. They should be ready to wear after.

3) Steam your shoes

When done correctly, steam softens leather shoes. Of course, before starting the process, we ensure the shoes in question are clean. Afterward, follow these steps:

  1. Stuff the shoe to ensure you get all the creases.

  2. Take a damp cloth and place it inside a microwave-safe dish with water and microwave for 3 minutes.

  3. Take it out and use the towel to gently press the creases out of your shoes in a circular motion.

  4. Repeat the steps if the shoes have deep creases.

  5. Leave the shoe overnight to cool. By morning, your creased shoes should be no more!

  6. After removing creases, it is crucial to use leather shoe polish or leather oil. This is to counter the effects of steam and keep the shoes as good as new.

Steam your shoes

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4) Using shoe conditioner

Nothing beats leaving the house in a clean pair of shoes, minus the creases. The crease-removal methods mentioned above require heat. Still, we aren't always comfortable using heat, and a shoe conditioner is the next best alternative.

Using shoe conditioner

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Using a shoe conditioner is a safe method to remove creases and wrinkles while being as effective as heat.

  1. Stuff the shoes to maintain their shape.

  2. Using a soft cloth (microfiber is preferable), apply some conditioner and rub it into the creased area. You can repeat the process over a few days if the entire shoe has deep creases.

  3. Let the conditioner dry.

Remember, you do not need to rub off the conditioner, as it will dry on its own.

5) Use rubbing alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a cheap yet effective method to remove creases from shoes. This method works wonders for mild creases and is worth a try before firing up the old iron box in the basement.

Use rubbing alcohol

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Before you remove shoe creases, always ensure you are working with a clean pair.

  1. Get the shoe stuffed with newspaper balls or other suitable materials.

  2. Mix equal parts water and rubbing alcohol in a bowl, but we don't use pure rubbing alcohol.

  3. Rub the mixture over the creased areas and ensure they are saturated. Additionally, a mild massage into the creases with the mixture will help work out the wrinkles.

  4. Let the shoes dry for a few hours, and they will be as good as new.

6) Use a shoe tree

shoe tree is the best and simplest method to get creases out of shoes. But, it is also the slowest. So, if you need to use your pair soon, try the other methods first. Plus, using shoe inserts ensures the shoe material remains at its best, maintains the shoe shape, and prevents creases.

Use a shoe tree

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After ensuring the shoes are clean, insert a shoe tree into each shoe and let them rest. Also, this method is handy after steaming or using warm water and a blow dryer to stretch the material.

Helpful Tips When Removing Creases Out of Shoes

1) Use high-quality shoe products

Any pair of shoes deserves the best, top-of-the-line products. So, we should always get the best polishes, oils, and shoe trees. They will help shoes to last longer and keep them looking their best.

2) Avoid applying direct heat

Applying direct heat to shoes without a barrier, like a damp cloth, will ruin them. Additionally, maintaining the iron on a low setting will help to prevent any accidents.

3) Correct storage

How you store your shoes directly translates into how deep the creases get. Store shoes in a well-ventilated area with as little humidity as possible. These conditions will ensure they last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Get Creases Out of Shoes

i) How do you uncrease shoes at home?

You can use many methods to get creases out of shoes from the comfort of your home. The best method is using an iron, which is fast and efficient.

ii) How can I prevent my shoes from creasing?

To begin with, ensure shoes are always dry or given time to dry. If you want to prevent creasing as you walk, purchase sneaker shields. They will prevent creases and keep sneakers looking their best.

iii) Should I care if I crease my shoes?

No, you shouldn't worry. You can remove creases easily with a few home remedies. Not only are they cheap, but they work.

iv) Can a permanent crease be removed?

Yes, it can. If an iron doesn't work, then other methods like using rubbing alcohol, hot water, or a heat gun might get the job done.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning shoes to remove dirt is one thing. But removing creases from shoes is another. We can all agree creases in shoes are unsightly, and with the help of a few easy DIY steps at home, we can tackle creases easily. The more well-cared-for shoes are, the harder it will be to form wrinkles.

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