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What Does DS Mean in Shoes? Shoe Terminology Explained

Have you ever encountered the term "DS" while shopping for shoes and wondered what it meant? Well, you're not alone! So, what does DS mean in shoes?

DS stands for "Deadstock" and refers to shoes that have never been used or worn but may be from a previous season or model. It's a popular term in the sneaker world and highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts. Shoe terminology can be confusing, but understanding it is essential for making informed purchasing decisions.

But hey, if you're looking for something different than the typical DS shoes, have you heard of our Vessi shoes? Our Vessi brand offers a range of shoes designed with a waterproof, breathable knit material. Not only are they very stylish and comfortable, but they're also perfect for any weather condition!

So, whether you're into the hype of DS shoes or looking for a sustainable alternative, there's a shoe out there for everyone. Let's explore more about DS shoes and learn how to care for them, or check out Vessi and their unique approach to shoe design.

What Does DS Mean in Shoes?- Definition of DS in Shoes

Definition of DS in Shoes

DS stands for "deadstock" in the context of shoes. The manufacturer no longer makes headstock shoes, making them extremely rare and highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. DS shoes are often in brand new, unworn condition and typically stored in their original box.

The term "deadstock" originated in the fashion world and referred to merchandise that stores never sold, people never wore, or used. In the case of shoes, deadstock sneakers are:

  • Often limited-edition releases

  • Out-of-date versions of popular models

  • Shoes produced in small quantities

DS shoes are precious to collectors and enthusiasts because of their rarity and often command high prices on the resale market. Some popular DS shoes include Nike Air Jordans, Adidas Ultraboosts, and New Balance 990s.

Where Did DS Come from? The Evolution of Deadstock Meaning

The term originated in the world of fashion and streetwear, describing clothing and accessories which were never sold or used by the retailer or designer.

The sneaker industry adopted the term to describe shoes no longer in production or available for sale in stores, making them rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Over time, the meaning of DS has evolved slightly. While it still refers to new, unworn sneakers, it is often used to describe sneakers still in their original packaging and are not opened or tried on. This adds an extra layer of exclusivity and rarity to the shoes.

It has become a common term in the sneaker-collecting community. DS shoes are highly sought after by collectors due to their rarity and new condition. It's interesting to see how a term from the fashion industry made its way into the sneaker world and became such an essential part of sneaker culture.

Types of DS Shoes

1. DS running shoes

Types of DS shoe stores

These shoes are usually made with high-quality materials and are lightweight yet sturdy. They are typically made with breathable mesh uppers allowing for increased airflow to keep the feet cool and dry, and they often have a cushioned insole and midsole for added comfort.

Manufacturers typically create DS running shoes for specific runners, such as those with a neutral or under pronating gait or needing extra support for overpronation. They may also have other features, such as added traction for off-road running or extra cushioning for long-distance running.

2. DS basketball shoes

These shoes typically have a high-top design providing extra support and stability to the ankle. They are also constructed with durable materials and can withstand the rigorous movements involved in basketball, such as jumping, cutting, and quick direction changes.

Most DS basketball shoes use advanced cushioning technologies, such as shoes from a sneaker brand like Nike's Zoom Air or Adidas' Boost, to provide comfort and support for the foot. DS basketball shoes also often feature unique designs and colours inspired by popular players, teams, or events.

3. DS shoes for lifestyle wear

DS shoes for lifestyle wear are for everyday casual wear rather than for athletic activities. A deadstock sneaker for lifestyle wear is often popular among enthusiasts and collectors looking for unique, rare, or vintage designs.

Some examples of popular DS lifestyle shoe brands include Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, and Reebok. These shoes often feature eye-catching designs and colours meant to make a fashion statement to up your sneaker game. One of the benefits of DS shoes for lifestyle wear is they are versatile and paired with various outfits, from casual jeans to more formal attire.

An excellent alternative for DS shoes for lifestyle wear would be our Vessi Everyday Classic Sneakers.

Vessi Everyday Classic

One of the best features of the Vessi Everyday Classic shoes is our proprietary knit technology making them waterproof, lightweight, and breathable. This means you don't have to worry about your feet getting wet in the rain or feeling weighed down by heavy shoes.

DS shoes for other sports and outdoor activities

Dead stock shoes

DS shoes are available for sports like soccer, tennis, and volleyball. These shoes have specific features enhancing athletes' performance in their respective sports. They may have better traction, more supportive soles, or unique features which help the athlete in their particular sport.

DS shoes are also available for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. These shoes offer durability and weather-resistant materials to withstand the rigours of the outdoors. They may have additional features like reinforced toes and heels to protect the feet from rough terrain.

If you can't find these shoes, consider the Vessi Stormburst Sneakers, which offer all the features you need for a comfortable and safe outdoor experience.

Vessi Stormburst Sneakers

These sneakers are lightweight, waterproof, and breathable, perfect for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Pros and Cons of DS Shoes

Shoe enthusiasts and collectors highly value deadstock shoes, but they also have their pros and cons for everyday consumers. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of DS shoes:


  • Authenticity: No one has ever worn or used authentic DS shoes, which can provide peace of mind for buyers who purchase counterfeit or fake shoes.

  • Rareness: Some DS shoes are rare and limited edition releases, which makes them highly sought after by collectors and fashion enthusiasts.

  • New Condition: After all, no one has worn or used them, ensuring they are free from wear and tear or damage from use.

  • High Resale Value: DS shoes in high demand can have a higher resale value than the original purchase price, making them a good investment for collectors and resellers.


  • Higher Cost: DS shoes can be more expensive than regular shoes, especially the limited edition releases or highly sought collections.

  • Limited Availability: DS shoes may have limited availability and sell out quickly, making it challenging to buy deadstock sneakers.

  • No Warranty: Since DS shoes are often from previous seasons or models, they are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty or return policy.

  • Storage Issues: DS shoes require proper storage to maintain their new condition, which can be challenging for those with limited space or who may not be familiar with proper shoe storage methods.

  • Potential for Damage: DS shoes are delicate and may get damaged during shipping or storage, reducing their value or rendering them unusable.

How to Care for DS Shoes

How to Care for DS Shoes

1. Cleaning

It's important to clean your DS shoes regularly to prevent dirt, sand, and grime from building up on the surface. Use a soft brush or clean cloth to remove dirt or stains gently. If necessary, use a mild soap or cleaner designed specifically for shoes. Avoid harsh cleaning chemicals or bleach, as this can damage the materials.

2. Storage

You should store these shoes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent discoloration or warping. Avoid storing them in plastic bags or boxes, as this can trap moisture and cause mould or mildew to grow. Instead, use a breathable fabric or mesh bag to store your shoes.

3. Maintenance

Regular maintenance can help keep your DS shoes in top condition. This includes inspecting the shoes for signs of wear or damage, such as loose stitching or peeling materials. Repair any issues as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse.

4. Rotation

Rotating your DS shoes with other pairs is a good idea to prevent overuse and prolong their lifespan. This also allows the shoes to dry out between wears, which can help prevent odours and mould.


DS shoes are highly sought after by sneaker enthusiasts and collectors because of their rarity and quality. While DS shoes can be expensive and hard to find, you can always opt for an alternative like Vessi shoes.

Vessi offers high-quality and stylish shoes that are both affordable and practical. Our shoes are comfortable, waterproof, and perfect for everyday wear. So, whether you're looking for Deadstock shoes or an affordable alternative, we hope this article helped you find a great pair of shoes to meet your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Deadstock Shoes

1. How do I know if my shoes are DS?

Check for signs of wear, damage, or usage marks to know if your shoes are deadstock. If the shoes are pristine and look brand new, are in their original packaging, or with all original tags, they might be DS. Additionally, if the shoes are from an older release or a limited edition, they may also be DS.

2. Are deadstock shoes legit?

Yes, deadstock shoes are legit. They are brand new and have never been worn, which is why they are often highly sought after by sneaker enthusiasts and collectors. However, they can be more expensive and difficult to find than non-deadstock shoes.

3. How long do DS shoes last?

Deadstock sneakers and shoes can last long if stored and cared for properly. However, the actual lifespan depends on factors like the materials and construction of the shoe and how often you wear them.

4. Why is a deadstock shoe so cheap?

Most often than not, deadstock shoes are not cheap. However, they can be cheap if older models didn't sell well or if the store needs to make room for new inventory. It's an excellent opportunity to grab a new pair of shoes at a discount. Just make sure to check for any wear and tear before buying!

5. How to determine if deadstock sneakers are real?

To determine if deadstock sneakers are real:

  • Examine details like the stitching, tags, and box label

  • Research the specific sneaker model to identify any unique features or markings

  • Compare the sneaker to trusted images and be wary of deals that seem too good to be true

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