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What Color Shoes with Champagne Dress: Expert Tips and Suggestions

If you're struggling to decide what shoes to wear with a champagne dress, you're not alone. While there are plenty of resources out there for pairing shoes with other dress colors, champagne can be a tricky hue to match. The color can vary from yellowish-gold to silver-gold to even a rosy-tinged gold, and it's often associated with sparkly, metallic fabrics.

To determine the best shoe color for your champagne dress, it's important to start by understanding the color itself. Champagne is a beige-toned color that can be quite versatile, but it's important to consider the specific shade of your dress. If it's more pink than beige, for example, you may want to consult resources for pairing shoes with rose gold dresses. However, there are a variety of shoe colors that can work well with champagne, including metallics, nudes, beiges, whites, clear heels, greys, black, and even navy for those who are feeling bold.

What Color Shoes with Champagne Dress?

When it comes to choosing the right shoes to wear with a champagne dress, there are a lot of options to consider. The color of the shoes you choose can make a big difference in the overall look of your outfit, so it's important to choose wisely. Here are some of the best shoe color options to consider when wearing a champagne dress:

1. Gold Shoes

Gold shoes are a great choice to pair with a champagne dress, as they complement the soft and shiny light gold color of the dress. Opt for strappy numbers in this hue, like these pretties. It is recommended to pick a gold that is light, not bright yellow, which could look gaudy with your dress. Beige or white purses are great color choices to match with your gold shoes.

2. Silver Shoes + Pewter Shoes

Silver shoes are another metallic favorite to add extra glam by pairing with a champagne dress, especially if it's more silver than gold. You can choose either silver, the light metallic, or the dark silver version: pewter. Silver is obviously more subtle and will be a more delicate balance with your dress. Pewter is a bolder choice, but also a fun and unexpected one! Check out these pewter heels on for size! Wearing a champagne dress with silver shoes, you can have your purse match in silver, or select a white or beige purse.

3. White Shoes

A favorite shoe that literally goes with everything, you can't discount a white shoe to look fab with your champagne dress! In stiletto pump form or strappy sandal, this is a great summery shoe to brighten your outfit with. Gold, silver, beige or white purses are great color choices to match with your white shoes.

4. Clear/Transparent Heels

Colorless clear heels will look fabulous with your champagne dress! From fully transparent shoes to partially clear with a touch of white or beige, these are all great choices. Want to add some extra pizzaz to your look? Pick transparent heels with some sparkle! Mules, sandals or pumps are great choices. Beige, white, glitter, silver, or match with a transparent purse are great purse color choices to match with your clear heels.

5. Grey Shoes

Piggybacking off of silver/pewter shoes, you can also opt for grey. Grey is matte and won't be metallic, so it can be a solid choice if you don't want the shine of your dress to compete with your shoes! A good choice for an unexpected pairing. Beige, pewter, white or silver purses are great color choices to match with your grey shoes.

6. Nude Shoes

If you want your champagne dress to take centre stage, nude shoes – whichever that is for you – will be your best choice. Choose a “nude” that is either an exact match to your skintone or at most a couple of shades darker/lighter. Nude shoes are a secret weapon to elongate legs when wearing in a shorter champagne dress! Because the nude shoes are barely visible, you can get away with any of the following purse choices: beige, pewter, white, gold, black, navy or silver.

7. Beige Shoes

If you want to play matchy-matchy with your dress, but don't want to choose a metallic shoe option like gold, beige shoes are a fab option. Beige shoes will also not distract from your shiny dress. Choose classic styles like these pumps or these minimal sandals. Avoid beige shades that are much darker than your skin tone. It is suggested to opt for beige shoes that closely, if not exactly, match your champagne dress' tone. Matching beige, pewter, white, navy or gold purses are great color choices to match with your beige shoes.

8. Black Shoes

Black shoes are one of the two shoe colors with a champagne dress that is somewhat controversial. Because champagne dresses are light and flirty, black shoes add a stark contrast to the look. However, for a more elegant function (black tie party etc) it is recommended to keep black shoes minimal. Think minimal strappy sandals like these beauties from Stuart Weitzman or at most, a classic stiletto pointed toe pump. However, black is a great color shoes to wear with champagne sequin dresses to give a strong for a rock ‘n roll vibe. If that's what you're going for, keep the shoe style to a stiletto. Only opt for more shoe coverage like a bootie

What Color Shoes Not to Wear with a Champagne Dress?

When it comes to styling a champagne dress, it's important to choose the right color shoes to complement your outfit. While bold and vibrant shoe colors may work with other outfits, they do not pair well with a delicate champagne dress. To avoid a fashion faux pas, steer clear of orange, red, yellow, hot pink, and green shoes. Stick to neutral or metallic colors such as silver, gold, or nude to complete your champagne dress look. Remember, less is more when it comes to accessorizing with a champagne dress.

What Shoe Styles to Wear with a Champagne Dress:

When it comes to choosing the right shoes to wear with your champagne dress, it's important to keep in mind the formality of the occasion. You want to select shoes that are delicate and refined, complementing the elegance of your dress. Here are some shoe styles to consider:

  • Minimal Sandals: These sandals are a great option for a summertime event. They are simple and understated, allowing your dress to be the focal point of your outfit.

  • Thin Top Strap Sandals (Stiletto or Thin Heel): These sandals are perfect for a formal event. They add a touch of sophistication to your outfit, while the thin top strap keeps the focus on your dress.

  • Pointed Toe Flats (Preferably Metallic, White or Beige): If you prefer flats over heels, pointed toe flats are a great option. Opt for metallic, white or beige shades to add a touch of glam to your outfit.

  • Pointed Toe Pumps with Stiletto Heels: These pumps are a classic choice for a formal event. The pointed toe adds a touch of elegance, while the stiletto heel elongates your legs.

  • Transparent Pumps: For a unique twist on the classic pump, consider transparent pumps. They add a modern touch to your outfit, while still remaining elegant.

  • Stiletto Booties: These booties are a great option for a fall or winter event. They add an edgy touch to your outfit, while the stiletto heel keeps it formal. Sock booties are particularly recommended, especially when paired with matte black stockings.

Final Words on Shoes with a Champagne Dress

When it comes to choosing the right shoes for a champagne dress, it's important to keep in mind the occasion and your personal style. Opt for classic and elegant shoe styles, such as pumps, sandals, and ankle strap heels, in neutral tones like nude, gold, and silver. These shoes will elevate your look and complement your dress without overpowering it.

If you're feeling more daring, you can try pairing your champagne dress with shoes in bold colors like navy or burgundy. These colors can add a pop of color to your outfit and make a statement.


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