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The Best Alternative To Brooks Walking Shoes for Men


Brooks walking shoes for men

The brand's goal is to inspire and support customers in their fitness journey, which means tons of time is put into product research and development. They're primarily known for their running shoes, but the walking shoes they manufacture are not far behind when it comes to quality.

The Brooks walking shoes for men collections are designed to provide support and stability so you can wear them all day long. So whether you're looking for a shoe that can handle your morning walks or one that you can run errands with all day, the Brooks brand is sure to deliver.

Pros of Brooks walking shoes for men

Before we start diving into alternative brands and options, we should first talk about what makes Brooks shoes good options in the first place, which will help give us a rounded view of what we're working with.

Brooks walking shoes for men are known for:

  • Being easy to keep clean

  • Having a great fit

  • Being very comfortable

  • Offering slip-resistant features and a cushioned sole

  • Having a sturdy sole with tread and traction

Cons of Brooks walking shoes for men

On the flip side, the brand's shoes also have some more negative aspects to take into account. Here are the biggest ones:

  • Not very stylish

  • Durability is a concern

  • Not waterproof

The best alternative to Brooks walking shoes for men: Vessi

Why Vessi?

What comes to mind to mind when you think of the best walking shoes? It could be comfort, style, or even stability. But what about weight? Or how they hold up to the elements? Vessi is a brand that delivers on all fronts.

Their walking shoes are designed to support your lifestyle - no matter what that looks like. So whether you're looking for sneakers that will make your commute to work easier, or you're an adventure seeker looking for a shoe that won't let you down, you won't go wrong with Vessis.

This Canadian-born brand not only creates comfortable and stylish footwear but they're also committed to environmental sustainability. Their complete line of products are made from vegan materials (from what you can see, all the way down to the parts you can't see). In addition, the packaging is 100% recyclable with zero use of plastic.

Basically, the Vessi collection is sure to meet your every walking need! Below we highlighted some of their most popular options:

1) Men's Everyday Move

These sneakers were designed to inspire you to "get moving." They're one of the newest additions to the Vessi lineup and feature the highest amount of breathability and support.

If style is important to you, then this collection should be top of your list. Not only were designed with style in mind but also with a focus on comfort - a bit of a rarity in footwear.

These shoes have an ultra-lightweight composition that gives you the feeling of walking on clouds. In addition, the outsole has large rubber zones for better abrasion resistance and a herringbone wave structure for extra grip. 

They're the perfect shoes when you're feeling adventurous, or are generally looking for a comfortable walking shoe that's stylish and waterproof.


  • Removable insoles for orthotics

  • Lightweight construction

  • 100% Waterproof

  • Very comfortable

  • Stylish


  • Lighter colours are harder to keep clean

2) Men's Cityscape

If you've previously walked long distances in heavy shoes then you know how draining that can be for your feet. Whether it's hiking or running errands, walking shoes should have a lightweight construction to make it easier on your feet.

The Cityscape collection from Vessi are the lightest sneakers the brand offers. Made with EVA materials, you can hardly feel them when you slip them on. These shoes also come with antibacterial insoles that keep your feet fresh all day.

The best part, however, and like with all other Vessi shoes on the market, is that they're 100% waterproof. This means no water, sand, dirt, or snow can penetrate. And, thanks to the patented Dyma-tex technology used to construct the knit upper you still get a breathable knit that will keep your feet fresh and dry.


  • Extremely comfortable

  • Cozy and snug fit

  • Very lightweight

  • Stylish


  • No half sizes

  • Not be ideal for wide feet

3) Men's Everyday

The Men's Everyday is designed to be exactly that - the shoe you reach for every day. So whether you're looking for work shoes, walking shoes, or something to casually workout in these are the ones for you.

The Everyday Men's shoe features a cushioned sole that provides needed arch support. If you tend to prefer more, or if you have orthotics, the insoles are fully removable. The insoles the shoes come with have a built-in anti-odour layer that aids in keeping your feet fresh. And the best part is that because they can be removed they can also be washed when required.

Lastly, the soles are ultra-lightweight and bouncy. They're designed with a herringbone grip providing good grip even on the wettest days.


  • Very comfortable

  • 100% waterproof

  • Easy to slip on

  • Lightweight

  • Removable insoles


  • Run a bit warm

  • No half sizes

Factors to consider when buying the best men's walking shoes

a) Arch Support

The first thing you should look for when buying the best walking shoes on the market is arch support. Since your feet change as you age you want to make sure you're choosing the best arch support for your current needs. Because what you may have considered a narrow foot in your teens may develop into a wider foot in your late 20s or 30s.

This is why it's essential to know the length, width, and arch of your foot. You can do this by placing your wet foot on a piece of cardboard or paper bag and then looking at the footprint there. If it's one long print, you may have flat feet and would need shoes with good stability. If the footprint only shows the toes and heel you might have high arches. In that case, look for shoes designed with cushioning in the heel and toes to absorb impact.

b) Shoe weight

When searching for the best walking shoes for men, you'll want to consider how heavy the shoes are on their own. Lightweight designs are more comfortable and use up less of your energy as you walk or run. On top of that, walking in heavy shoes puts unnecessary stress and strain on your feet which cause end up causing you longlasting pain.

c) Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is essential as it protects your feet from feeling the impact of the ground every time you take a step. You'll want to look for the best walking shoes with soles designed to protect you regardless of the surface you're on. The more shock the shoes absorb, the better it will be for moving around in them - especially if you're running.

d) Flexibility and support

Walking shoes should bend easily to mimic the natural movement of your foot. But, you should still be able to feel some resistance as you twist the shoe. Cushioning is also crucial - specifically where that cushioning is located. Some shoes have cushioning under the heel but the best kind are the shoes with cushioning under the ball of the foot.

e) Comfort of The Shoe

Comfortable shoes are essential and can make or break your footwear experience. Ensure they have proper fitting and sufficient arch support when searching for the best walking shoes. For certain arch types, insoles can provide extra arch support if required.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walking Shoes for Men

a) How do I choose a good walking shoe?

There are two ways to go about buying walking shoes and that is in-store or online. Here are some tips for each case:

i) In-store

If you're buying shoes in a store there are two quick endurance tests you can use to see how good they are. First, try twisting the shoes like you're wringing out a towel. The shoe should be stiff. If it twists easily, this means it's too fragile and not ideal for walking but a better option for running. A lightweight shoe is essential, but it shouldn't be so light that you feel every single thing while you're walking.

Secondly, you'll want to bend the toe up. If the bend on the bottom happens where your toes would naturally bend, that's a good sign. If it bends back in the arch area of the sole, that's not the right shoe. Shoes should bend where toes bend.

When trying shoes, it's best to do so at the end of the day because your feet swell as you walk. If you try them and they're not comfortable then go ahead and put them back. Don't buy them on the count that they'll get better when you break them in because that tends to rarely be the case.

ii) Online

For online shopping always be sure to read reviews to get an idea about durability, fit, and the overall shopping experience. It's also vital to remember that since you can't try them out in person you should be confident on what size shoes you are (even your foot length would work). Even with that, there's a chance they might not workout so ensure that the retailer has a good return policy. Vessi, for example, offers 90 days from when you receive the shoes to return them for an applicable refund.

b) What makes the best lightweight walking shoes?

The best lightweight walking shoe should have ample support and be comfortable. Running shoes are usually lighter than walking shoes but that's because they lack ankle and arch support. If you're going with a light shoe because you prefer that make sure it still offers plenty of support.

Another thing to remember when it comes to lightweight shoes, or any shoe, is stability. It's a necessary feature that helps overpronation but it does require sufficient material and rigidity to keep the foot in place. This is something lightweight shoes don't tend to offer since it would add material and therefore weight. A good middle ground option is any of the Brooks walking shoes for men. They provide both ankle and arch support without sacrificing the lightweight construction a good running shoe requires.

c) What is the best shoe for walking all day?

Ideally, the best shoe for walking all day should primarily be one that's comfortable. The rest of the features you want will depend on the activity you're doing. If you're hiking, you'll need a shoe that can handle that. It should be lightweight but robust so that it protects your feet. For work shoes or everyday shoes, as another example, breathability is critical.

In either case the soles should always be cushioned and offer the needed arch support. Essentially, the best shoe for walking all day should not cause any strain to your feet.

d) How can arch support affect the shoes I choose?

While we mentioned a bit about arch support in one of the above sections, it's worth bringing it up again. Arch support is necessary as it plays a key role in the comfort level of the shoe you choose. Picking shoes with the proper support means you're minimizing risks of foot-related medical issues such as plantar fasciitis. Plus, your arch can also show signs of pronation and supination.

These terms refer to how your foot "leans" when walking. Low arches mean that you often have pronation (leaning inwards) and so your big toe and inside of the foot do the most work when walking. On the other hand, supination (leaning outwards) tends to affect those with a high arch and puts extra strain on the little toes and outside of the foot. The severity of pronation and supination will determine if you require custom orthotics for walking.

There are over-the-counter walking shoes specifically designed to help moderate overpronation and supination. For example, stability shoes and motion control shoes can help those with overpronation. Walking shoes with greater flexibility, on the other hand, can help those dealing with supination.

e) What are the most important parts of a shoe I should know about?

There are a few things that make up a shoe that you should familiarize yourself with before you start your shopping process.

  • The midsole 

This is the area between the tread and the cloth upper of the shoe. The midsole is basically the most crucial feature on any comfortable footwear. Midsoles are made of different materials that give the shoe greater or lesser degrees of cushioning, support, and flexibility.

  • The toe box 

This is the entire area that surrounds the toes. The toe box should provide adequate room for your toes to wiggle around freely. They should not be restricted or feel tight. In contrast, too much space can cause discomfort and shifting. The key is finding a balance and knowing the type of feet you have: wide shoes are great for wide feet, narrow ones are great for narrow feet. Generally, there should be approximately one half to an entire thumb's width between the end of the longest toe to the end of the toe box.

  • The insole support

This refers to the inside part of the shoe where the sole comes into contact with the shoe. Some brands even have insoles that mold to the shape of your foot. It's objective is to reduce shear forces between the foot and the shoe and provide some shock absorption.

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