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The Vessi Line-Up - Get To Know Our Styles

Every year since our first launch we work hard to bring you an exciting new style of comfy, stylish sneakers that are 100% Waterproof. 

It's time to introduce the Everyday Move, the latest silhouette in our collection - but first let's take a peek at all the styles that make Vessi, Vessi. 

Read on for our blog post about each of our styles and what makes them special.


Vessi 100% Waterproof Sneakers

It all started with our first Kickstarter when we first introduced Vessi to the world with the Cityscapes. This is our original and very first Vessi style, inspired by our co-founders’ lives as urban explorers in Vancouver’s rainy concrete jungle, and launched with the mission to make even the soggiest days fun for our newly formed Vessi Family. 

Fun fact: 

In 2018, 7,654 Kickstarter backers pledged $1,026,231 to bring the Cityscapes to life.

What makes the Cityscapes different from other styles:

Extremely lightweight (only 6.7 oz!) and comfortable like clouds cushioning your feet, these shoes feel like you're wearing supportive, 100% waterproof slippers anywhere you are adventuring. 

When to wear:

Perfect for city commutes, urban explorations and dog walks.


For our next Kickstarter one year later we launched the Everyday Collection, including the Everyday Sneakers and Everyday Slip-Ons - but back then they were known as the Skylines. 

Everyday Sneakers

Vessi's 100% Waterproof Everyday Sneakers

The Everyday Sneakers are a more athletic style for more active lifestyles, perfect for going on long nature walks across all sorts of terrain all year long or hitting up the gym right after work. It was our mission to give you the shoes you can truly wear every single day all year long, no matter the weather.

Fun fact: 

In 2019, 9,365 backers pledged $1,260,557 to help bring the Everyday Collection to life.

What makes the Everyday Sneakers different from other styles:

A more traditional athletic style with added support for more active lifestyles.

When to wear:

Nature walks, easy hikes, camping trips, adventures with your furry friends.

Everyday Slip-Ons

Vessi's 100% Waterproof Everyday Slip-Ons

While every other Vessi style is already slip-on friendly with no need to re-tie the laces every time, the Everyday Slip-Ons (formerly known as the Vessi Skylines) are special because they are the most streamlined, minimal and lightweight design. The Slip-Ons quickly became a cult favourite within the Vessi Fam.

Fun fact: 

The Slip-Ons sold out completely from our store for a few months and became the most highly requested restock across all our social channels. 

What makes the Everyday Slip-Ons different from other styles:

While every other Vessi can be slipped on, the Slip-Ons have no lace cage nor laces making them an extremely lightweight and most minimal silhouette! 

When to wear:

Perfect for days you're non stop on the go.


Weekend Sneakers

Vessi's 100% Waterproof Weekend Sneakers

2 years after our first launch, we found ourselves in a pandemic. We were determined to add positivity where we could, so we doubled down on community initiatives … and worked on another exciting launch to make Summer 2020 as fun as possible. 

Inspired by the classic court shoe silhouette we fell in love with as 90’s Kids and all the lighthearted fun-filled memories that came with the territory, we introduced The Weekend Sneakers to the world.

A machine washable, 100% Waterproof Sneaker you can dress up for the office or down for bike rides to the beach... all year long. With this shoe we wanted to make every single day feel like The Weekend, no matter what you are doing. 

Fun fact: 

The Weekend Sneakers are our very first machine washable style. 

What makes the Weekend Sneakers different from other styles:

This silhouette is perfect for dressing up or down. Dress it up with a smart blazer and cuffed pants for a modern, casual professional look. Dress it down with jeans or joggers and a graphic tee. 

When to wear:

Wear it for work, for the beach, for Weekends, and for days that feel like the Weekend. 



It's now Fall 2021 and the time has come to introduce a new sneaker to our Everyday Collection.

Everyday Move

Vessi's 100% Waterproof Everyday Move in Sky Blue

We created the 100% Waterproof Everyday Move with the many forms of water in mind - from the lace cage’s puddle shaped details, to the midsole’s wave-like lines and even down to the ripples of our Vegan rubber tread. 

This shoe was designed to get you moving, with more breathability, all day comfort and added support - perfect for those extra adventurous days. Like the Everyday Sneaker before it, the EV Move is perfect for more active lifestyles and nature adventures all year long no matter the weather.

The Everyday Move is a playful re-imagining of The Everyday Collection, inspired by water in all its forms, and meant to get you on more outdoor explorations all year long, no matter the weather.

Fun fact: 

The EV Move features all new midsoles! Our new VZero2 midsoles deliver all day comfort and support with additional energy return with each stride. It’s ultra-lightweight composition gives you the feeling of walking on clouds. The outsoles are designed with larger rubber zones for better abrasion resistance and a herringbone wave structure for extra grip. It’s the perfect balance between ultimate comfort and support.

What makes the Everyday Move different from other styles:

For the launch of the Everyday Move sneakers, we're partnering with charity: water, a non-profit organization bringing safe drinking water to vulnerable communities around the world. 

When to wear:

Wear it for work, for the beach, for Weekends, and for days that feel like the Weekend. 

Donate & Save, Shop the Everyday Move

Each order comes with a dose of good karma to support charity:water in providing clean water to vulnerable communities around the world. Donate $10 to charity: water and get $25 off your order!

We can’t wait to see you making moves in Vessi’s 100% Waterproof Everyday Move.

Donate & Save on the EV Move in support of charity:water.

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