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The best shoe, to ensure you have the best day ever.

The best shoe, to ensure you have the best day ever.

We designed a completely waterproof sneaker that doesn't just look good but also makes you feel good, because as anyone will tell you, a good pair of shoes is essential. From the morning commute to your next vacation, it’s the thing you'll use every day. There’s something special about finding that perfect pair and we're here to introduce you to yours. Trust us, your feet will thank you.

Tech Out.

Discover the runner that made puddles popular all around the world.

man standing in a lake with waterproof sneakers
  • 100% Waterproof

    It's not a coating - it's integrated directly into the knit so you won't fear Rain. Snow. Mud. Slush ever again!

  • Breathable

    Our knit lets the sweat and heat escape keeping your feet fresh while keeping the water out. 

  • Lightweight

    Say goodbye to your clunky rain boots. Vessis are so lightweight you'll forget they were there.