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A New Way to Think About Water


Our tech allows you to embrace the magic of water without distraction or discomfort.


We support programs across the world that create fresh water where it’s needed most.


Our partnerships fund programs that help shape the next generation of water protectors.

Embrace Water

Provide Water

Mapping Our Water Impact

Over the years with your help, and in partnership with charity: water, we've donated CAD$167,500.

Your donations helped fund 11 clean drinking water projects in Cambodia, Madagascar, Uganda, Zimbabwe, India, Nepal, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso.

Protect Water

This year, we're thrilled to announce a new water partner, Water First. Together, we can help address water challenges in Indigenous communities across Canada.

Drinking Water Internship Program
Drinking Water Internship Program

A 15-month, paid program that trains young Indigenous adults to become certified water treatment plant operators in their communities.

Environmental Water Program
Environmental Water Program

Custom training programs help achieve Indigenous-lead environmental water goals like habitat restoration and water quality monitoring.

Indigenous Schools Water Program
Indigenous Schools Water Program

STEM-based Water Science programs in Indigenous communities support the next generation of water protectors.

Take the First Step


How do Vessis enable you to embrace water?

Our 100% waterproof technology offers a whole new way to experience the magic of water without discomfort or distraction. Because when you take wet socks out of the equation, you're free to soak up other things, like the benefits of spending time near water.

How does Vessi provide and protect water?

Through our partnerships with water-based organizations! In addition to larger give-back campaigns like Giving Tuesday, we donate $5 from each pair of select limited editions sold to help fund water initiatives around the world. Plus, we regularly give away Vessi sneakers to our partner charities to help further support the cause.

How can I get involved?

We’re so happy you share our vision for a world in which water is embraced, protected, and provided.

The best way to get involved is by signing up for our email newsletter and following us on social media. That’s where we share news on upcoming events and limited edition sneaker launches that help support all these initiatives. 

When and where is the next community event?

Fun things are coming! While we currently only run events in our hometown of Vancouver, BC, we're working on making waves together in other parts of the world soon.  

Tell us where you want to see us next or follow us on Instagram to be the first to know when (and where) the next event is happening. 

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