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What are Vegan Shoes?

What does it mean to have a vegan shoe? Vegan shoes are simply shoes that are 100% animal-free. Any leathers, wools, suedes, and silks used in vegan shoes are man-made and synthetic.

What are Vegan Shoes Made Out of?

Vegan shoes are often made of the following materials:

- Synthetic microfibers

- PU and EVA

- Recycled and virgin rubbers

- Canvas

- Fabrics

- Faux leather

Vessi's Vegan Shoes

The material that makes Vessi, Vessi is 100% vegan.

Dyma-Tex is a waterproof membrane that we developed to create the most breathable waterproof footwear option possible. It contains millions of pores large enough to allow heat and moisture to escape, and small enough to prevent the outside elements from getting in - ensuring you have the most lightweight, breathable shoes that keep you cozy and dry even in the rain or snow while taking care of the animals too!

From our glue to our thread, Vessi waterproof shoes are 100% vegan and creature free. We use water-based adhesives for our glue and any leather or suede-like details are engineered.

Why Choose Vegan Shoes?

Many of us are becoming more conscious of the power of our purchases and so are turning toward vegan or cruelty-free products.

There are many different reasons to buy vegan footwear - here are just a few that we connect with.

  • Animal Cruelty

    Animal-derived fabrics and products have a history of  cruelty toward animals. While we can’t change the system, individuals could inspire positive change within their communities! Those who support vegan options because they’d like to see an end to animal cruelty may inspire others to do the same.


    Non-vegan products have also been criticized for having a negative impact on the environment through the use of toxic chemicals and machine processes.

Vessi’s Environmentally Friendly Shoes

Vessi’s Environmentally Friendly Shoes

Not only are Vessi waterproof shoes 100% vegan -they are also environmentally friendly! Through innovation, trial and error, we were able to develop a process that uses 30% less water, 97% less trim waste, and 600% less energy consumption compared to conventional footwear manufacturing. Besides, unlike other waterproof shoes, Vessi doesn’t rely on environmentally harmful hydrophobic sprays for the waterproof feature!

Are Vegan Shoes Waterproof?

Are Vegan Shoes Waterproof?

Not all vegan shoes are waterproof; in fact, many vegan shoes require you to keep them dry, out of direct sunlight, and very rarely clean them. Our vegan footwear at Vessi is different—all of our shoes are both vegan AND waterproof!

Our Dyma-Tex waterproof membrane is the secret to our waterproof shoes. Because this feature is integrated directly into the fabric itself, your Vessis stay waterproof for their entire lifetime without the need for a harmful chemical waterproofing spray.

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