Reason 01

You’re Tired of Checking the Weather App Every Hour

In the city that rains 9 months of the year, stepping outside can feel like a chore. Showing up drenched at work, stepping in puddles, and coming home with wet socks are all too familiar. Not anymore. Vessi’s 100% waterproof shoes make rain, mud, and slush a non-issue so you can do what you love without worry.

Reason 02

Get Out the Door Faster

Life’s busy, and you’re running late more often than not. Don’t waste your time on shoes. Slip into any of Vessi’s ultra-comfy kicks and get out the door faster. Hunt down the best americano in the city or meet your friends at the brewery without thinking of your feet.

Reason 03

Lose the Clunky Rain Boots

From the stiff, sweat-inducing material to the unstylish design, rain boots are kind of the worst. Lucky for you, Vessis come in 6 lightweight and breathable styles that don't compromise on function or fashion.

Reason 04

Your Next Great Idea Is Waiting Out There

No one ever said a good idea came from staying inside. Get out of your head and onto your feet for however long it takes for inspiration to strike. Don’t worry, Vessis will be there to keep you comfortable and dry the whole time.

Reason 05

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Get Your First Pair

For a limited time, we’re offering $25 off your first pair of shoes if you live in Seattle. Use promo code: SEATTLE

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Don't Take it From Us...


I love these shoes so much!!! These are now my daily shoes. Living in Seattle the weather can be on and off and with these I don’t worry about them getting wet. They are also soooooooo comfortable! They have been down to the beach with me to test out the water proofing and they were solid.

— Kaylee F

Perfect for Seattle

I live and work in downtown Seattle and walk or take public transit pretty much everywhere I need to go. They’re more comfortable than I was expecting— I’m plus-sized, just had a baby a couple months ago, and am on my feet a lot for work as well as for my day to day activities. These have been great to wear and look good with whatever outfit I’m in. 10/10 Highly recommend.

— Keisha H

My socks have never been happier

The shoes are so comfortable and for someone who lives in Seattle and hates the rain these are life saving.

— Sonalli

A Must for Seattle

The shoes are truly waterproof and are great for walking the dogs or heading out for drinks in the rainy Seattle climate.

— Ross

Game changer for Seattle

These shoes are comfortable, they are simple and cute and I don't know how I lived without them! Anyone living in a wet place like Seattle needs these shoes! My feet are cozy and dry.

— Jule L

Stayin' Dry in Seattle

So I bought these for work and for casual, and because I live in Seattle and get tired of either wearing boots for 5 months of the year or having wet feet.

— Emily S

Love my Vessi’s for the Seattle rain!

Have had my Vessi CityScapes for 2 weeks now and love them! They are my run errands in the rain and my dog at the lake shoes! Really light and comfortable and get lots of compliments on the style too! The perfect Seattle shoe.

— LuAllen S

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