100% Waterproof

There’s no such thing as days off when you’re a dog owner. From morning dew to late night rain, the dog beach, or muddy trail, keep your feet dry and protected as you chase after your dog with our waterproof Dyma-texⓇ technology.

Don’t Take the Dog Park Home with You

Dogs are messy. Queue flashbacks of drool, poop, and mud seeping into your shoes. Now, you can walk your dog in white sneakers with our easy to clean knit uppers. Roll around in the mud with your dog, hose them off, and get on with your day.

Easy On and Off

Waking up an hour earlier to take the dog out can feel more like a chore than a routine. With Vessi’s slip-on styles, getting out the door early in the morning or late at night is a breeze. Spend less time on your shoes and more time playing with your fur baby.

Dawn to Dusk Comfort

Keeping up with your pup on multiple walks a day can be hard work - long hours, occasional sprints, unexpected terrain. Our lightweight, cushioning midsoles and breathable knit uppers provide ultimate comfort and support so you’ll never have to cut your walk early because of sore feet.

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Don't Take it From Us...

“I have a really active dog that needs 2-3 walks a day and being able to have one pair of shoes I can wear multiple times in the rainy climate I live in is a huge win”

"Really comfortable for the many daily dog walks. They also keep my feet dry, during rain storms and even when wandering around a big muddy field with the dog . The dog couldn’t be happier that we can go and get muddy on the regular."

"Dog Parent Problems - I stepped in dog poop. Don’t be coy, we’ve all done it. Got out the hose, washed them down. Feet were dry, shoes were clean. Didn’t have to throw away a new favorite pair of shoes. I mean this is the dream, right?"

"I walk 7 days a week in ALL weather. These shoes hold up and keep my feet dry while on some walks the rest of me is soaking wet! Well worth it! Amazing fit, versatile and very comfortable."

“The snow has been melting and the puddles have been getting deep, but I don't like wearing clunky rain boots. I've been going out of my way like a child, trying to find the biggest puddles to trek through so I can play with my new shoes.”

“I have to walk through my grass to get to concrete and far too frequently my grass is soaked from dew saturating my shoes within steps.”

“I walk my dog 3 times a day and my Vessis have saved my feet from mud, puddles, and poop.”

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