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Why You Want Shoes that Breathe

 Woman wearing waterproof sneakers standing with her bike in a metropolitan area

Nobody likes sweaty, stinky feet. That’s not a question; it’s a given. Yet, what seems to happen with most closed-toe tennis shoes is just that: sweaty, stinky feet. 

And worse... stinky sneakers and socks.

People look forward to taking their shoes and socks off after a long day for that sense of relief. But what if your feet didn’t have to feel that way at all? New technology available in the footwear world has made it possible for shoes to breathe (metaphorically) more so than ever before, and you don’t even have to wear “athletic shoes” to get that feature.

You know what we mean, right? You go to look for a new pair of comfortable shoes and your breathable options seem pretty limited. You either opt for sandals, which can be flimsy and lack support, or you can opt for specialized shoes for runners or hardcore athletes.

Not anymore. 

The casual footwear market is booming with top-of-the-line tech looking to make your life easier and more comfortable, one step at a time. So, let’s talk about breathable shoes and why you need them. 

Breathable shoes help put a stop to stinky feet

Close image of a woman’s feet in comfortable shoes walking on a watery path

So, how exactly does a shoe prevent foot odor? 

Well, first you have to understand where the stench comes from. Typically, it starts from sweat paired with bacteria on the feet. Having some foot bacteria is 100% normal, but you can produce excess amounts due to careless cleaning or re-wearing socks – stuff like that. The extra bacteria are then able to produce more smell when breaking down sweat. While bacteria enhances the… aroma, it can also lead to bacterial infections such as athlete's foot, warts, or toenail fungus, which in turn make the smell even worse than it was before. 

Gross, right? It really makes you rethink the kind of shoes and socks you wear regularly.

It turns out breathable shoes won’t completely combat stinky feet, as personal hygiene might be the top priority, but they certainly help. Bottom line: wash your feet!

Breathable shoes  =  comfortable footwear (If they fit right, that is)

Image of a man sitting on a cement step comfortably wearing Vessi waterproof shoes

Though it’s not a given, ‘breathable shoes’ are typically more lightweight than the average shoe, since they’re made with lighter, often waterproof materials and rely heavily on airflow through the material. 

Before we dive deep into specific material, consider how your shoes fit. When was the last time you checked your foot measurements to see if you’re really wearing the right shoes? This will make all the difference in breathability.

(Pro tip: try on shoes at the end of the day. That’s when your feet are the most swollen, which would show you what size will fit properly at all times of the day. And always try to refer to the size guide of the shoe you’re buying.)

Materials Matter

Shoe size isn’t everything when it comes to comfort, however. You have to consider shoe design and materials, and some are more breathable than others.

Material is key when looking for a comfortable shoe brand, type, and style. Lightweight, breathable materials are generally more comfortable. Here at Vessi, we actually patented a material known as Dyma-tex, which is a 100% waterproof, breathable, comfortable knit used for our waterproof shoes. It keeps your feet warm in the winter and cold in the summer, which is almost unheard of in footwear.


Beyond that layer, we have the cushion, which does what you’d expect. We’ve inserted antibacterial insoles to keep things as fresh as possible, preventing fungus and bacteria as much as a shoe can, while still making it as comfortable as walking on carpet. 

Finally, we have the sole, which we crafted to be super lightweight with a special wave grip to keep you steady and safe no matter what terrain you’re treading on. 

All in all, our materials make our Vessis, well, Vessis: breathable, comfortable, and ready for anything.

The best breathable shoes are: waterproof, lightweight, eco-friendly, and comfortable

Image of three people’s lower bodies with different pairs of Vessi shoes on

When designing our comfortable shoes, we felt that readily available shoes on the market weren’t quite enough. We had a list of certain requirements. Our shoes must be: 

  1. So waterproof that your stocks stay dry
  2. Able to keep feet sweat-free
  3. So comfortable that you barely feel like you’re wearing shoes
  4. Modern, simple, and stylish in design
  5. 100% Eco-friendly

Through crafting our breathable shoes with those things in mind, our Cityscape, Everyday, and new Weekend sneakers were born.

‘Waterproof’ doesn’t have to mean boring, clunky, utilitarian shoes. Same applies to ‘breathable.’ We made ‘waterproof’ into a sleek, stylish shoe for any occasion. From outdoor activities and daily outings to walking every inch of a city, our waterproof sneakers and shoes have got you covered and feeling comfortable.

You don’t have to have a different pair of shoes for every day of the week anymore. 

Want Breathable Shoes? Try Vessi

If you’re ready to have comfortable, breathable, waterproof shoes, Vessis are your best bet. Want to learn more? Check out Vessi Footwear

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