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Water First - Clean Water Crisis

This Canada Day we're taking time to reflect on the lives lost to the residential school system, its lasting impacts, and the systemic disadvantages still experienced by Indigenous communities.

Many First Nations’ water systems across Canada are unsafe to drink. This means that communities rely on shipments of bottled water despite being surrounded by fresh water. This is simply unacceptable, as having access to clean drinking water is a basic human right.

Water First is an organization working to resolve the clean water crisis by giving Indigenous youth the opportunity to get hands-on training in drinking water treatment and environmental water studies so they can go on to pursue related careers that will benefit their community’s clean water supply.

In support of Water First, Vessi is providing funding for the Drinking Water Internship Program - a 15-month paid internship that trains young Indigenous adults for a career in water science. The skills learned through the internship will directly benefit Indigenous communities and ensure a future with access to clean drinking water.

We stand in solidarity with Indigenous communities as we work for a better future ahead.

Learn more about Water First:
Website | Instagram

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