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#VessiFam Spotlight: Healthcare Workers

The pandemic has been rough on everyone, but our healthcare workers see the worst of it every single day. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the healthcare workers working hard to support our communities.

For International Nurses' Day, we're offering all verified healthcare workers 20% off our whole site as our thank you.

We’re so proud to have so many amazing healthcare workers in the Vessi Family! We got to know a few of them and we want to share their stories with you. Read on for some insight on what it's like to be a healthcare worker in 2021.

Healthcare Worker wearing 100% Waterproof Vessi Sneakers

Our friend and Puddlehunter Sarah @sboujida, wearing the 100% Waterproof Pearl White Everyday Sneakers

What do you love most about being a healthcare worker?

I love that in every shift, my purpose is to improve the daily life of another individual. When a patient ends up feeling better than when they first received care, regain a sense of autonomy, and achieve overall well-being through treatment- this makes my days meaningful.

What message do you have for the world?

Medicine will always be an evolving practice. It is impossible to have the answers to every illness, but we will continue to do our best in providing care as we learn along the way.


Why do you love wearing your Vessis at work?

I love wearing my Vessis to work because they last through anything - 12 hour shifts, rainy days, spillage, and running from one place to the next.

Healthcare worker wearing 100% Waterproof Mist Grey Everyday Sneakers

Our friend and Puddlehunter Steph @themedicalyogi, wearing the 100% Waterproof Mist Grey Everyday Sneakers

What's been the biggest challenge of the year?

Continuous staffing shortages, long patient wait times, not enough beds, feeling exhausted and burnt out, have made the last year of being a patient porter a challenge. But my colleagues helped me overcome these challenges through resilience and mutual support!

Why do you love wearing your Vessis at work?

I love to wear my Vessi’s to work because I can trust that no matter what substance gets on them that I can easily rinse or wash the shoes without harming it’s integrity! The same pair of Vessi’s have lasted me over a year compared to other brands where I’ve needed to repurchase a pair every 6-12 months, the quality is definitely there. Major bonus with Vessi shoes is whenever I wear mine it feels like I’m walking on clouds, it’s the best feeling to have during a 12 hour shift.

Healthcare worker wearing 100% waterproof Vessi sneakers

Our friend and Puddlehunter Tesajay @tesajay, wearing the 100% Waterproof Everyday Sneakers

What do you love most about being a healthcare worker?

I love being a healthcare worker because I get to use science and critical thinking in a fast paced environment and watch the magic of medicine happen.

What is your message to the world as a healthcare worker?

Be gentle, be kind, be patient, and be thankful for your ability to move and live your LIFE.

What has been the greatest challenge in the last year?

It's been a challenge adjusting to the ever changing guidelines, fears, uncertainty. We really had to band together as a team and help one another up through these times.

Why do you love wearing Vessis to work as a healthcare worker?

I love that they're waterproof! You never know what might come your way so not worrying about fluids while having a comfortable shoe is SO important.

Our friend and Puddlehunter Brina @brinarayne

What do you love the most about being a healthcare worker?

What I love most about my job as a healthcare provider is that everyday I have the opportunity to learn something new. Every patient has a different story which can teach you something new about social, economic, anatomical and/or physiological well being. Being a PA allows me to make a difference in lives yet be humbled by the vast variety and beauty of the human body. No two days are the same, no two lives are alike and no two opportunities will arise in the same fashion.

What's your message to the world?

In medicine, we are a team. We strive to provide quality care to the best of our abilities. We are human. I cannot stress enough the importance of advocating for your health and prioritizing the care of yourself and loved ones. Right now is the time for us to stand together. We don’t always have the answers, but our goal is to continue educating ourselves so give you the most accurate information we can.

What have been the biggest challenges of the past year?

Over the last year there has been so many challenges within our system because of the pandemic. I’ve found it extremely difficult to manage after hospital care for discharged patients. Skilled nursing facilities are full, limiting occupants and limiting visitors. Patients don’t have caregivers to help with discharge wound care or instructions and recommendations often get lost in the weeds. Along with the technical difficulties, I’ve noticed how difficult not having hospital visitors and support systems has been for our patients. It has taken a significant toll on their mental health and overall recovery. This pandemic has shocked our healthcare system in more ways than one. I’m grateful to see how so many healthcare workers have come together and risen to the occasion.


Thank you for reading about the amazing Healthcare Workers in the Vessi Family! 

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