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The Best Waterproof Sneakers 2021: Comfort and Style

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We have all been there. You wake up on the right side, put on your coolest outfit matched with the freshest pair of kicks you have, and head out for the day. Minutes later, as you stroll down the street, mother nature decides to piss all over your high moods with a downpour. If you are wearing a pair of waterproof sneakers though, this will not faze you one bit.

What are Waterproof Shoes?

As you can guess from the name, waterproof sneakers are made to completely prevent water from seeping inside your shoes. It means that a shoe can be submerged in water, and the water would not soak into the material. The shoe's outer layer is usually made of rubber or synthetics such as polyurethane or neoprene, which means that if you slog inside a wet puddle or snow, your feet and socks will remain dry.

This is not to be confused with water-resistant footwear, which can prevent a bit of water from getting inside. Some slight splashes of water, a bit of rain will not get in, but you cannot submerge them in water or snow because the moisture will soak them.

Unlike rain boots though, waterproof sneakers look great, are comfortable, and they go well with everything in your wardrobe. You can wear them for your everyday runs around town, on casual Friday to work and even as running and hiking shoes. The best part is, you can find them in a variety of styles from slip-ons, sock-like, lace-ups and leather for your everyday needs.

Our Picks for the Best Waterproof Sneakers

1. Vessi Weekend Waterproof Sneakers for Men and Women

For men -

For women -

The only thing better than wearing a pair of comfortable all-day sneakers is wearing water-proof all-day sneakers from Vessi. The Weekend Waterproof sneakers are the newest addition to the Vessi lineup of popular waterproof styles, and it's nothing short of amazing. As with all Vessi waterproof sneakers, these are also eco-friendly and made of earth-friendly materials.

Since Vessi believes one shoe can do it all, this Weekend sneaker is designed to be worn any day, anywhere and with any outfit. The machine-washable shoe is not only completely waterproof but also super breathable and perfect for hot, humid climate. The best part is, you won't need any break-in period as the soft knit molds comfortably around your feet, and they have a removable shock-absorbing insole for that extra support. You would think a shoe that can't allow water in would also not let water out, but you would be wrong.

These beautiful sneakers have moisture-wicking micro-air pockets that make them super breezy even in 90-degree weather. The air pockets work by regulating the shoe's internal temperature so your feet are warm when it's cold but not sweaty during summer.

These waterproof sneakers come in Marble White, Asphalt Black, Oak Brown, Asphalt Black on Black and Concrete Grey. These Vessi Weekend sneakers are truly a triple threat- you can wear them as you run around doing errands, later in the evening for a dinner date and even for a walk on the beach. No more wearing a different shoe for every occasion.

2. Merrell MQM Flex GTX Hiking Sneakers

Another excellent waterproof sneaker available for both men and women is this Merrell MQM Flex GTX Hiking Shoe. While the name suggests that they are made for hiking, these sneakers are also perfect for hitting the trail for that evening run, casual meeting with friends, running errands and rigorous work. The MQM Flex GTX shoes use Gore-Tex membrane to keep moisture away even if you submerge your foot in a paddle of water.

What stands out however with these hiking shoes is how lightweight they are at only under a pound and you will barely feel them on your feet. Even though they are water-resistant, the MQMs are not stiff at all, thanks to Merrells patented FlexConnect technology that allows the shoes to move with you as you walk.

If you have large or wide feet, this is the perfect footwear for you because the sizes run larger than regular shoes. They are comfortable, lightweight and provide the best foot support you can find without custom orthotics. As you would expect from any Merrell shoe, this sneaker will deliver on performance, versatility and most of all, durability.

3. Vessi Cityscape Sneakers

For Men -

For women -

Dearly called the waterproof sneakers with a 23,000 person waitlist, these Vessi Cityscape shoes are everything you’ll ever want in a sneaker. They are lightweight, comfortable, stylish and goes perfectly with any outfit on top of being waterproof. As if that wasn't enough, the sneakers boast

antibacterial insoles to keep your feet fresh all day and a durable sole with Vessi’s signature wave grip for maximum traction whatever the weather. In addition to being completely water-proof, Cityscape

sneakers are made with a breathable four-way stretch knit fabric to keep your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. If you are looking for a shoe you can comfortably wear all day without complaints, the cityscapes are perfect. In fact, they have become the ideal travel sneaker to protect your feet from any elements you may face when travelling from slushy puddles, beer spills, tropical rainstorms and even those spontaneous jumps to the ocean.

Few sneakers in the history of footwear have been able to amass the amount of love these Vessi Cityscapes have, with more than 800 customers giving it a 4.7-star review. Thankfully, the 23,000 waitlist is shorter now, and you can acquire yourself a pair on order for all your needs. The Cityscape sneakers are available for both men and women.

4. Loom Waterproof Sneakers

For men -

For women -

Don’t you just hate it when you need to pack several shoes when travelling and there is no space? Well, with these Loom waterproof sneakers, you don't have to worry about that anymore. Besides being 100% waterproof, these sneakers are also highly versatile, and you can wear them for city walks, beach strolls and work events.

The first impression of these sneakers is how beautiful they are, and you wouldn't suspect they are waterproof shoes. Because Loom understands people have things to do and places to go, they have designed the shoes to be easy slip-ons and slip-offs to save time and the hassle of bending to tie shoelaces.

The shoes are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day without suffering from sore feet or bruises. They also boast antimicrobial properties and merino wool interiors, which means your feet won't stink after wearing them the whole day. The moisture-wicking technology allows them to be

breathable and also regulate the temperature so you won’t be too hot.

Overall, these Looms waterproof sneakers are incredibly well designed to provide the best support and protection for your feet no matter the weather. You can comfortably do everything you want to do without worrying whether your feet will get wet or not. The shoes are a bit pricey, but you can take advantage of the regular sales they have.

5. DKSUKO Women's Rain Boots Waterproof

Available in both high and low top styles, and a dozen colours to choose from, these DKSUKO waterproof Rain Boots are perfect for everyday runs in the city or a night out. The reason we have featured them here though is because they are the best waterproof sneakers under $30 and it’s an absolute steal. Don’t let the name fool you, these bad boys are stylish enough for everyday activities and being waterproof is just a bonus.

The DKSUKO waterproof rain boots sneakers are constructed with a mixture of durable PVC and cotton, making them waterproof in at most 2.4 inches of water. While you can't really go hiking with them because the outsole doesn't have deep treads, the rubber has anti-slip properties for traction, so you won't slide and fall in rain or snow. These cool boots are as stylish as they are functional, and they go amazingly well with any pants, whether jeans or dress pants.

According to customers, the sneakers are incredibly comfortable on your feet thanks to the soft rubber. The breathable lining also means you can wear them all day without getting sweaty or stinky. These DKSUKO Women's Rain Boots are perfectly suitable for any stylish woman who is always on the go, whether shopping, traveling, or going for adventures.

Choosing the Best Waterproof Sneakers

With hundreds of waterproof sneakers to choose from in the market, how do you know which one is the best? Here are a couple of features you should look out for;

1. Material

Leather and rubber are excellent materials for waterproof footwear. However, GORE-TEX is now the best material for waterproofing sneakers because it also allows breathability in shoes. If you are a vegan or looking to support sustainability, you can go for footwear that use mesh, which is also a great waterproof material.

2. Comfort

Right next to protection, the most important thing you want from a sneaker is comfort, whether you are buying a walking shoe, hiking shoe or an everyday shoe. Thankfully, manufacturers have managed to incorporate comfort in waterproof shoes that can be rigid and uncomfortable if done wrongly. Look for shoes with enough cushioning in the forefoot, heels and collar, plus an excellent insole to give you support.

3. Durability

Nothing beats water when it comes to ruining shoes, so you want something that is constructed to withstand the damaging effects of water and other elements. Go for shoes with durable outsoles like PU and carbon rubber which will stay put no matter how much they are abused. Shoes with an abrasion-resistant mesh are also more durable, especially if you will be hiking and doing other rough things.

4. Style

For an everyday shoe, style is important which is why people choose waterproof sneakers instead of rain boots. You don’t want a shoe that makes you look homeless just because it’s waterproof. Think about where you want to be wearing that shoe and the kind of outfits you wear. The shoe must complement those two in a stylish way. The best plan here is to choose low-profile, minimalist designs with one or two colors at most.

5. Price

Last but not least, you want to look at the price because waterproof doesn't mean you break the bank. Waterproof shoes can go as low as $25 all the way to $500, depending on the brand. The best brands like Vessi, Loom and Merrell keep their prices in the midrange of $100-$150 because you are getting quality and value for your money.

Final Thoughts

Your feet are just as important as the rest of your body. When buying raincoats, umbrellas and shower caps in preparation for that rainy day, make sure to also pimp your feet with some cool waterproof sneakers. That said, waterproof footwear will not prevent water from getting inside your shoes if you completely submerge your feet in the water because there is still space between your leg and the shoe. If that's what you are looking for, gumboots will be a better option.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the Best Waterproof Walking Shoes?

If you want a comfortable walking shoe that you can wear all day and have the best support, the Vessi Cityscape waterproof shoes are the best option. These sneakers tick all the right boxes from being lightweight, breathable, antibacterial insoles and cloud-like support so you can walk all you want without hurting your feet. The fact that they are waterproof also means you don’t have to worry about rain, or where you are stepping.

2. Can I waterproof my sneakers?

Absolutely. With some waterproofing spray, wax and a hairdryer, you can turn your favorite sneakers into waterproof shoes. Most people use beeswax to coat the entire footwear and then melt the wax with a hairdryer until the wax fades into the shoes. However, you can also buy a can of waterproofing spray to make your job easier, but it only works best for canvas, suede and hemp footwear.

Unfortunately, waterproofing your shoes after buying is not permanent, so you have to keep redoing it and maintaining the waterproof material, which is why people prefer to just buy an original waterproof sneaker.

3. What are the most comfortable waterproof shoes?

The Vessi Everyday sneakers are hands down the most comfortable waterproof shoes in the market. Available for both men and women, these sneakers boast a magic layer known as Dyma-tex, which is a 100% waterproof, breathable knit that keeps your feet cool and cozy all day long.

The super lightweight shoes also have antibacterial insoles and exceptional cushioning to give you proper support as you go about your day.

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