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The Best Shoes for Jobs on Your Feet

Doctor Jason Campbell wearing Vessis Everyday Cloud White
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If you work a job that requires you to be on your feet all day, you know the importance of comfortable shoes. Finding a shoe that is comfortable, durable, and fashionable may feel impossible. 

Luckily, there’s a shoe that’s a treat for your feet all day long - whether you’re at work or on adventures.

Vessi’s waterproof shoes aren’t just for rainy days, nature walks, or cruising the city streets - they’re also perfect for any job where you’re constantly on your feet. 

Here, we list some of the most common jobs and industries of which employees could enjoy a pair of Vessis for their tired feet. 

Restaurant Servers & Chefs

Woman in All Black Sitting On Steps


If you work in the restaurant or hospitality industry, you’re quick on your feet for hours on end. We know you have other things on your mind and would rather not worry about your aching feet. 

Do you remember the last time your shoes and socks got wet because something was spilled on you, whether on the floor or in the kitchen? Soggy socks, damaged shoes, and a ruined look of professionalism are the last annoyances you need while trying to keep your tables happy.

These moments are much easier to manage with Vessis. 

Got a spill? No problem.

Our shoes are waterproof thanks to our Dyma-Tex waterproof membrane technology, which contains millions of pores small enough to prevent liquid from entering and large enough to allow heat and moisture to escape. Your shoes and socks stay dry, and you can just get on with your day! And when it’s time, they’re super easy to clean.

They’re comfortable and sleek! The material is also durable enough to last hundreds and hundreds of wears, so you won’t have to constantly go shoe shopping for work shoes.

Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Assistants

Nurses Wearing Vessis


When your job is to help save people’s lives, the last thing you need to be worried about is your feet hurting. 

If you’re a doctor, nurse, or other type of healthcare worker, you need a reliable shoe to get you through your long shifts. Healthcare workers run around so much and often turn to shoes that look a little clunky for most comfort.

With Vessi, you don’t have to choose between comfort and style. Our Everyday Collections are perfect for healthcare workers because they are our most slip-resistant and most supportive style.  The Everyday Slip-On style is perfect for on-the-go nurses that need a reliable, comfortable shoe - no need to tie any laces!

Having a good supportive shoe is really important for your long-term health. Shoes with poor support assist in developing poor posture, back pain, and joint issues. That’s why it’s so important to pick a work shoe, like Vessi, that gives you the right amount of support. Vessis offer a stable support, and our insoles are removable so those who need extra cushioning or support can use their favourite insoles or custom orthotics!

Everyday Jobs Around the House

Running Errands With Dog And Vessi Shoes


Vessis aren’t just for occupational jobs; they’re also great for house chores, yard work (especially if water is involved), shopping, and errands. If you have a pair of Vessis on, you can join your kids’ water balloon fight without having to deal with wet socks.

Yard work is another great job that Vessi handles well. Working outside is not a clean task and often involves dirt, water, and dust. Having a waterproof shoe that’s easy to clean after some gardening or watering will make cleanup that much easier. Even if they look dirty, all it takes is a quick spritz from the hose or under the tap to get your Vessis fresh once more.

Running errands whether you’re in a car or riding a bike calls for sturdy shoes, too. You don’t want to be sloshing around in your shoes while walking through the store after coming in from the rain. When you leave, it’s unlikely you’ll have an extra hand to hold an umbrella with all the grocery bags, so a waterproof shoe will be your best friend.

Cleaning Service & Hospitality

Cleaning service workers spend all day on their feet and need shoes that allow them to  complete their daily tasks with as little maintenance and discomfort as possible.

If you work making sure homes, offices or hotels are fresh and clean, you’re on your feet all day long and you need comfy shoes. Waterproof footwear is also beneficial as you often handle water and cleaning liquids. You need shoes that provide you with plenty of support so you can go about your job with ease. Any of our Vessi shoes would be perfect for a professional cleaner. Not only do they look good and withstand spills, they’re comfy too.


Similar to servers, bartending is one of those jobs where you are standing all evening long. While you may not have a large space to move around behind the bar, you still need good shoes that provide plenty of support while you stand all evening serving people drinks. Vessis are great for bartenders since they can be worn for long periods of time without wearing out the material, or your feet. Not to mention, because they are 100% waterproof, they’ll be able to handle any spilled drinks without getting your feet wet.

Retail Workers

Most retail stores are fairly large and require workers to buzz back and forth across the floor for their job. One minute you’re folding clothes on a display case, the next minute you’re called to the front to help at the cash register, then they have to go clean out the fitting rooms and organize more clothes. The amount of walking retail workers do is impressive! 

That’s why you need a shoe that won’t rub or hurt their feet. Working for long hours can be difficult, but it’s even harder when every step you take is painful for your feet. Vessis are made of soft, hardy material that won’t hurt your feet and will stay intact for hundreds of wears. Don’t you wish you had a pair of shoes that fit like snug cozy socks and feel like walking on clouds?

Vessi: The Ideal Shoe for Jobs on Your Feet

Woman wearing Vessis Everyday Midnight Black


We’ve only named a few occupations that Vessi shoes are great for. There are countless other jobs out there that Vessi would be perfect for. Don’t walk another day in uncomfortable, clunky shoes. Shop our collection of comfortable waterproof shoes that aren’t just functional, but fashionable too. 




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