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Supporting Underserved Rural Communities

Chandler, Colorado 

Tell us a little about yourself!

My name is Chandler Elmore, and I am in the third week of being a Community Development and Engagement Lead (fancy words for Public Relations) at a Wyoming Credit Union.

A quick little background about me - I have a wife that is studying for her masters of Speech Language Pathology at University of Wyoming, I like to pretend that I am a long distance runner, and have a really lazy persnickety cat named Ace.

I am working from home like the rest of the world and am thinking about getting a new picture or art piece to stare at instead of a blank wall in front of my computer.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I want to give it to an organization that is helping the rural communities that are, in my opinion, being under served or left behind.

That is why I would make a donation to the Mountain Family Center (MFC) in Granby Coloardo.

Granby has a population of less that 2,500 and not a large economy outside of tourism. With that all of shut down, a lot of families are hurting for basics like keeping the lights on and food. MFC says that $1=4 meals so $100 would be 400 meals to those directly in need of it during these pressing times.

Who inspired you?

The community of Granby Colorado. My Credit Union has a matching program that will double the impact of any donations made to MFC.

So, in a way, my job inspired me to try to expand my reach. I am not affiliated with MFC nor live in Granby, I just see it as an undeserved area that needs help just like other small town communities.

Your message to the community:
In a time where there is immense need everywhere we look, the best thing we can do is to start small. There is power in taking action, there is power in taking the first step.

Say hi to Chandler!

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