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Supporting Riley Hospital For Children

Morgan, Louisville


Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a sophomore at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, but live in Louisville, KY. At DePauw, my biggest passion is DePauw's Dance Marathon where I am the VP of Finance. As an organization, we raise money for pediatric research for Riley Hospital for Children which is located in Indianapolis, IN.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

At DePauw I'm a part of the DePauw Dance Marathon that raises money for pediatric research for Riley Hospital for Children which is located in Indianapolis, IN.

With the pandemic, our organization struggled to find a way to fundraise for the children who are still receiving care from Riley because although there is a pandemic, these kids have other health concerns as well. Their parents may now be out of a job because of the pandemic.

Therefore, Riley Children's Foundation who raises money for the hospital created a fund called Our Riley Relief Fund that helps these parents who need our help financially. This is how our DePauw Dance Marathon has shifted our focus during this time: on our families who need our help financially.

Who inspired you?

The families who are out of a job with the pandemic who still need to pay hospital fees and the Riley Children's Foundation.

We're a group of 22 students trying to get our campus on board with raising money for the kids and their families.

Your message to the community.

Since COVID-19 has taken over our media, it is easy to forget about those who are experiencing other health concerns not involved with the novel coronavirus.

With families out of jobs, they have no way of paying these massive hospital bills that they still receive in the mail. Therefore, I and my organization are putting forth an effort to help these families financially.

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