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Supporting Resources For Cancer Patients

Dakota, Indiana

Tell us a little about yourself

I'm currently safe at home from my college campus. I am currently a first year student at DePauw University studying Psychology and possibly education. I am a Bonner Scholar which is a selective program that provides me the opportunity to connect my college education to civic engagement.

I tutor math to high school students at Journey Education Center, Coordinate the Student Friend Program at Central & Fillmore Elementary Schools (I recruit my peers to join me in mentoring students each week at the schools), raise money for Riley Children's Foundation as an executive board member for DePauw Tigerthon, and volunteer as the online/ social media chair for my county's Relay for Life which raises money for the American Cancer Society.

When I'm not doing these I enjoy spending time in nature and relaxing in my hammock. This pandemic has changed the course of my schoolwork and has been rather difficult adjusting to. My mother is a nurse working on the frontlines of this outbreak as a IV therapy nurse, and my father is chronically ill so we have had to be extra careful when going about our daily lives.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project

I would like to use this fund to help the American Cancer Society through my local Relay for Life. The American Cancer Society since before the virus has provided essential services that provide for vulnerable cancer fighters in communities across the country. Their 24/7 Cancer Helpline has had 80% of the calls received in the past month be related to COVID-19.

They provide hotel rooms for cancer patients needing treatment, assist with housing/ food insecurity, and along with numerous other ways they can advocate for our most vulnerable populations at this time.

Due to stay-at-home orders, many Relays have had to cancel their events leaving The American Cancer Society without much needed funding to continue their support programs. My county has made the decision to host a virtual relay event that will keep our community connected while we maintain social distance for our safety.

With the loss of financial support from many of our usual corporate sponsors and many without jobs, I would like to raise as much money to support them so they can continue funding resources for cancer patients across the US.

Who inspired you?
The American Cancer Society and Cancer Patients.

Your message to the community
I sincerely hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this hectic time. If you're able please support nonprofits that you're passionate about during this time because many of their missions matter now more then ever.

Most importantly though take care of yourself!! The world is a much better place with your brightness in it, and we're gonna get through this together even if that means staying apart for awhile. Much love to everyone in the Vessi community!

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