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Supporting Domestic Abuse Survivors

Jessica, Hamilton

Tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a registered nurse, currently working night shift at a retirement home in Hamilton, Ontario.

My colleagues and I voluntarily redeployed to support this home that's in Covid outbreak, and who's majority of staff quit when outbreak was declared. At first I was fearful (and still am, but taking every precaution to stay safe), but mostly I'm grateful to be here supporting these people who would be in a terrible crisis if we weren't here. It's very sad, seeing how quickly this virus takes lives and yet others are positive but asymptomatic.

The residents have been in isolation for about 4 weeks now and if they're not affected by Covid, they're starting to show signs of depression from being isolated, unable to visit with family, and learning that friends in the retirement home have passed away. It's very sad, sitting with people who are dying because their loved ones can't come in the building, or holding phones on speaker so family can say goodbye to a loved one suddenly in crisis.

It's sad to see how the staff who stayed are affected because they have known some of these residents for years. We just come and do the best we can, cry every few days, and keep on going because they need us!

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
It's not so much a project but my heart breaks thinking about the rise in domestic violence right now. I plan to donate $100 of my next pay to Gillian's Place, a shelter in Niagara for abused women and children. Although not a project, I thought I'd risk the chance at a matched donation for the shelter.

Who inspired you?
Abused women and children. Thank you for your generosity, for engaging and inspiring community, and for reminding me how proud I am to be Canadian where amazing companies exist like yours.

Your message to the community:

Everyone says stay positive, which is a nice thing to say but let's face it, this is tough and some days suck! Feel your emotions, but don't let them consume you. I say, stay hopeful.

Hopeful for the day when this is over, and life returns to some version of normal. It may not be exactly how we remember, but through challenge comes growth. Laugh, cry, sing, dance, get that energy out!

Right now we are being challenged to grow as individuals, as a community, a country, and globally. We are all fighting our own version of this thing and we will emerge stronger. So stay hopeful, and for those of us fighting on the frontlines please STAY HOME!

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