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Supporting Better Piggies Rescue

Maria, Arizona


Tell us a little about yourself

I am a registered nurse working in a public health setting. Due to the pandemic, we are limited on supplies (masks, bleach wipes, etc) and some of us are currently getting our hours cut as more patients opt to stay home. Although, if the spread continues to trend upwards, my coworkers and I may get pulled into the hospital to triage and care for the increase in sick patients.

On my days off I volunteer at a local pig sanctuary, where surrendered and abandoned “mini” potbelly pigs and farms hogs are rescued and cared for until they can find a loving home; they are even home to a steer who would have been sent to slaughter if not for the sanctuary.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project

I would like to give back to my community by donating to my local animal sanctuary, Better Piggies Rescue. They are struggling, just as we are, to stay afloat during this difficult time.

They rely heavily on volunteers and donations to feed and care for upwards of 85 pigs and 1 cow, not to mention ongoing medical care and treatments. BPR receives calls every day from owners wanting to surrender their pig that did not stay as small as they were promised (because there is no such thing as a micro mini pig) and people reporting stray pigs that were deserted on highways or in alleys.

Their latest rescue was a beautiful boy they named Hank, who is currently battling an infection and has a large tumor that requires surgery. BPR saves lives out of the kindness of their heart and pure selfless love for the innocent sentient beings we share this planet with. They and rescues like them are the forgotten hero’s during a crisis because their work is never done.

Who inspired you?

I am hoping to help Better Piggies Rescue. The money would help support the current animals in their care and the many more they will save in the future. The amount of orphaned pigs in Arizona has risen since breeders have sold the idea of a micro mini pig to consumers. People quickly find out that pigs do not stay small, and if they do, they end up having multiple medical issues down the road.

Danielle Betterman created the sanctuary to help with this problem. It would make a huge difference and allow the rescue to continue the amazing work they do.

Your message to the community

There is no such thing as a “micro-mini” pig. A potbelly pig can vary in weight from 65lbs up to 300lbs, but breeders try to keep them small by under feeding them, which eventually leads to many health disparities down the road.

Better Piggies Rescue was created to help with the surge of abandoned and surrendered pigs in Arizona; usually because the pig did not stay as small as promised or the owner was not adequately prepared or educated on having a pig as a pet. This is where Better Piggies Rescue comes in; they give orphaned pigs a safe and loving place to stay until they find their forever home. They also manage relationships with various sanctuaries in Arizona along with veterinarians to ensure all Pot Belly Pigs receive the correct care.

Additionally Better Piggies Rescue offers education on how to care for Pot Belly Pigs for owners that want to keep pigs in their homes, but have run out of options due to behavior.

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