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Sewing Masks and Fostering Pups

Ashley, California


Tell us a little about yourself!

I work as an essential employee for an environmental engineering company.

My office is usually full of 50 employees but is currently down to myself and one other while everyone else works at home.

My husband and I volunteer our free time at the animal shelter which has been put on hold during Covid-19 but we have been able to foster two dogs so far.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

So far I have fostered two dogs, one has been adopted, the other has an amputation scheduled for next week.

I have also been making masks (up to 300 to date) which have been 100% donated to healthcare personnel, essential employees, and at-risk community members.

I predict I will be making another 200-400 within the next couple of months and hope to keep them free. I’d love to be selected so I can continue sewing and I’d love to also help impacted animal rescues that have taken in extra homeless dogs.

Who inspired you?

Healthcare workers, essential personnel, at-risk community members, and homeless animals.

Life. I have been lucky to have not been impacted much by Covid-19 and I am more than willing to give during this time.

I am part of a team of 50 sewers and our requests for masks are 200+/week. Most of us are out of pocket in this effort and relief so we can continue would be great!

Your message to the community:
There is no greater fulfillment than knowing you are helping someone proceed in life a little safer. The ability to give during a time of difficulty is repaid in knowing I’ve made someone’s day a little easier.

Say hi to Ashley!

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