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PPE For Volunteer EMS

Kasia, New York


Tell us a little about yourself!

EMT, Gym junkie, this pandemic not only got me sick with Covid-19 but took away my uncle and multiple coworkers from me.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I would want to give back PPE to PSVAC, my volunteer Emergency Medical Services agency. They are non profit and we basically live off of donations, we are running out of PPE. I would help all the volunteer EMS in NYC.

Who inspired you?

My agency - I see them struggle, I try to donate too but I don't have much myself and am struggling with my 911 EMS job too. I just want there to be a light that shines on the volunteer EMS. Not only they do this without pay, they do this willingly. Those are the future healthcare providers.

Your message to the community
Support volunteer EMS agencies because they do just as much as the ones in the 911 system. They do it voluntarily exposing themselves without getting paid! Provide PSVAC with the PPE it needs :)

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Monthly Songs #Rain
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  5. Set fire to the rain

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