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One Girl Can

One Girl Can

Lotte Davis, One Girl Can

Lotte Davis, Vancouver, BC

About Lotte:

One Girl Can Founder, Lotte Davis was born in South Africa. In 2008, after building a successful entrepreneurial business, she decided to return to her roots to make a change and pursue her passion for gender equality and provide equal access to opportunities for all women and girls.

About One Girl Can:

One Girl Can's mission is to pursue gender equality through education for girls in Kenya. With Vessi’s support, One Girl Can will join the next generation of female leaders in Kenya working to move the needle on gender inequality and demonstrate that a woman's place is wherever she wants to be.

"Our goal is to inspire everyone – whether you are a student in Kenya, a teacher here in BC, or a CEO of a company – and facilitate important discussions around gender equality and the importance of equal access to opportunities everywhere."

What is your message to the community? 

Although there is always significant need in our own communities, we shouldn’t have to choose between local and global. The one thing we’ve learned through this pandemic is that we are one world and we are all connected.

Thank you Vessi for recognizing the need to give globally as well as locally to ensure the overall health and well-being of everyone on the planet. None of us are equal, until all of us are equal. And until that day happens, we must continue to invest our time and our resources to ensure equitable opportunities for all genders and races.

Learn more about One Girl Can.

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