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Love Lunches for the Homeless

Sarah and Oliver, Tennessee

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello Friend! Like many people, because of COVID-19 I'm not working. In pre-Coronavirus times, I worked in marketing and look forward to getting back to it. I am a single mom to a super-hero 7 year old named Oliver.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

Pre Covid-19, Oliver and I would make Love Lunches and give them to homeless people on the street. We would usually make 1 to 2 lunches and drive until we saw someone who looked like they needed food. Oliver includes a note card in each bag where he writes, "This is a Love Lunch. You are Loved. Love, Oliver".

Since the Stay at Home orders, we haven't been great about making these lunches. Also, because I haven't had income in 2 months, we are on a grocery budget and don't have extra food to share. Until last week, when I had the idea to grab an extra lunch from the Metro school bus that delivers lunches to our neighbourhood and make Love Lunches from the extra food.

We made some extra sandwiches and made 2 lunches. Oliver wrote his note and we drove downtown. We gave one to a man at the bus station and one to a women asking for money on the side of the street. We talked a lot about these two people and how grateful they seemed.

We talked about how Oliver's note says the word LOVE 3 times and how important it is for people without hope to remember that they are loved. It reminded me that even during this time of budget tightening and stay at home orders, we need to do better about sharing what we have, even though it's not a lot. When we pulled into our driveway,

Oliver told me he had an idea about how he wants to spend his $100 bill (he saved his birthday and Christmas money from grandparents and has a $100 bill stashed away waiting for the right toy to purchase). As we walked into the house, he said he wanted to give his $100 bill to a homeless person because he doesn't need it & thinks someone living on the street could use it more than him. I felt my heart burst. Anyway, this was a long way to say, if Oliver and I were to get $100 from this Vessi Community Fund, we would spend it on Lunch Lunch supplies and deliver more lunches to people living on the streets here in Nashville. And maybe Oliver would put his $100 bill in one of those lunches. That would be fun.

Either way, we're gonna do more. Thank you for this. It is kind and hopeful. We appreciate you and all that you're doing with this project.

Who inspired you?

Those who are hungry and homeless and likely feeling the shortage of shelter food due to lack of donations during COVID times. My 7 year old son, Oliver. Also, my best friend Lindsey shared the project with me. People are passing this on! Kudos!

I would love to show Oliver how companies like yours are going out of their way to help people help people. I want him to know even though we are personally effected by this virus, that we still have more than many people in our community. I want him to know that this is bigger than a Love Lunch for one or two people.

This is about taking care of people. Taking care of our Community.

Your message to the community:
In a world where everything seems hard right now, LOVE is easy. Thank you for helping us give more Love Lunches to those who need the extra love today!

Say hi to Sarah!

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