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Little Brother's Jazz Trio Performance for the Elderly

Marina, Surrey

Tell us a little about yourself!

I was a lifeguard for the City of Surrey before layoffs. I've just graduated from high school and will be starting at the University of Calgary this fall to get a Bachelor's of Nursing. I am an avid music and animal lover, and COVID-19 has impacted me because it has cancelled all of my graduation plans.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

I have organized for my brother's jazz trio to give social distancing concerts outside of seniors homes to give back to our community. I would like to organize more of these events at different care homes all over the Lower Mainland in the future.

The boys all stand 6 feet apart, and about 10 meters away from any of the seniors and will play for a little over an hour outdoors. There is singing, dancing, and overall it's just a chance to put smiles on all of the care workers and seniors faces.

How do you think this will impact your community?

I am making an impact on the seniors, who have all been social distancing or isolated for the past few weeks by bringing them music (some they know some they don't).

I'm also giving the care workers, nurses, kinesiologists, office staff, and all the workers in the homes something to brighten up their day, if only for an hour.

Early last year, I organized for my high schools' grade 11 jazz band to perform at the same care home. It was the highlight of some of the residents weeks, and I wanted to put the same smiles back on the faces of the residents, especially in these difficult times when the disease itself is so harmful to the elderly. 

Your message to the community:
To continue to do your best to be happy and positive. The world can seem dark right now, but just smiling at someone you see in the grocery store, or saying hello to your neighbour, can make all the difference in someone's day.


Say hi to Marina!

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