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How to Lace Your Everyday Shoes for Different Activities

Two women walking in the rain with an umbrella and wearing everyday shoes from Vessi Footwear

“Bunny ears, bunny ears, jumped into the hole, popped out the other side, beautiful and bold.” 

Ever heard that rhyme before? This is the way most children learn to tie their shoes. Do you remember it? If not, how did you learn? It’s funny how the way we first learned sticks with us for years. You probably never realized how you tie your shoes proves useful for different activities. Neither did we, until we had to tie and retie our shoes on long adventures. Anyway, enough about tying. Today we’re talking about lacing how to lace your everyday shoes for different purposes, specifically. 

Stay with us. 

It’s More Than Just the Knot

Sure, you tie your laces in a square knot and that sucker isn’t coming undone anytime soon. But is that what you want? While you can slip off Vessis just fine, no matter the knot, we’d advise against it for the sake of the shoe’s longevity. Lacing, on the other hand, is more about fit and flair. 

Did you know that by using unique lacing patterns, you can target certain foot discomforts while making your shoes a little more you?

Lacing Shoes for Different Needs

Graphic with examples of different lacing styles to try on your everyday shoes

If you’re on your feet a lot, comfortable everyday shoes are key. That’s why we’re going to highlight a few different lacing methods that can alleviate some standard causes of foot pain. 

If you have high arches, for instance, open up the middle of the lacing with a technique called “gap lacing.” It removes the pressure from the middle of your foot while providing the same support, just a little differently. 

If you have wide feet, use “bar lacing” to loosen up the width of the shoe, making the fit more relaxed and less tight. 

If the front of your foot is wider than average, known as a wide forefoot, you can lace your shoes using “volume lacing,” which acts like bar lacing but more specific to your foot. 

If your heel slips out of your shoes frequently, use “lock lacing” (also known as “combination lacing”) to remedy that problem. 

Lacing Shoes for Different Activities

Graphic representing different ways to lace everyday shoes

Some of these lacing styles are more necessary for strenuous activities like hiking, running, walking, and other on-your-feet hobbies. However, you may want looser, more fun styles for casual everyday shoe wear. Your shoes can complete your look and could be a creative outlet. Try some of the lacing ideas above or try to create your own lace patterns! 

Fun lace patterns work well with all of our everyday shoe styles, but we’re partial to our Weekends for mix-and-match shoelace fun. (Click here for women’s Weekends!) Not only do the laces stand out with this style, but you can also add on one of our lace packs for more personality. 

Vessi Is All About Better Footwear 

Woman wearing Vessi Everyday Shoes and stepping into a puddle on the grey pavement

When designing our shoes, we started with waterproofing but thought, “what’s next?” We figured shoe education (think proper sizing, foot care, sustainability, style guides, etc.) is something only those in the industry are savvy about, so we’re covering it all in our blog, The Forecast. Stick around for more from our in-house writers and researchers, and let us know if you try any of the lacing tricks we went over!

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