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How to Dry Shoes After Washing without Damaging Them

We all love slipping on a pair of freshly laundered shoes! But what should you do after giving your favourite pair of sneakers a good scrub? The next step is just as crucial as the washing itself: drying! We know it can be challenging to know how to dry shoes after washing them without turning them into a soggy mess. No worries, we got your back (or should we say your feet?).

We have handy tips and tricks to make your Vessi shoes, or any other, look and feel as fresh as the day you bought them. Let's start now!

How Long Do Shoes Take to Dry? 

When it comes to drying your shoes, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The amount of time a pair of shoes takes to dry depends on several factors, such as the shoe materials and the humidity level in the air. Also, the method you use to dry them has a significant impact.

How Long Do Shoes Take to Dry

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Expect to require at least:

  • 20 minutes if you use a clothes dryer

  • 2 hours if you use rice

  • 2-3 hours if you use a fan

  • 8 hours if you use newspapers

  • 3 hours if you use a shoe dryer

Method 1: Using a Clothes Dryer

Before drying your shoes in the dryer, we recommend checking the care instructions on the shoe label to confirm if they are dryer-safe. If the square symbol on the shoe tongue has a circle inside, you can put the shoes in the dryer. If you see a square with a dot, you can put the shoes in the dryer on low heat. Meanwhile, if you see a square with an " X," you shouldn't dry the shoes in the dryer.

How to dry shoes after washing using a clothes dryer

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If there is no label, assume the shoes aren't dryer-safe and use other methods to dry them.

Step 1: Loosen the laces and remove the insoles

Keep the shoes loosely laced to have enough room to work with. Also, if the insoles are removable, remove them and place them somewhere to air dry.

Step 2: Fill the shoes with cloth towels or socks

Filling the shoes with these materials will help reduce the drying time and prevent fabric shoes from changing shape or shrinking in the dryer. You can also throw some towels and socks into the dryer to absorb excess water and reduce the noise in case the shoes get loose and tumble around.

Step 3: Hang your shoes inside the dryer

First, use the four ends of the shoelaces to create a double knot. Then open the dryer door, holding your shoes by the laces, and push their soles on the inside of the door. Ensure they are hanging and close the dryer door.

Step 4: Run the dryer for 20 minutes

Use an air-dry setting if your washing machine has one. If not, choose the lowest temperature to prevent heat damage, shrinking, or wear and tear. If the shoes are still damp, run the dryer for another 20 minutes, checking the progress.

Method 2: Using Uncooked Rice

How to dry shoes after washing using rice

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Step 1: Remove the insoles and shoe laces

After washing your shoes, place the laces and insoles in a well-ventilated area to dry. But if you have enough room in the box of rice, place them beside your shoes.

Step 2: Cover the bottom of a box with 2.5 cm (1 inch) of dry, uncooked rice

Find and use a plastic storage bin or a shoe box large enough to hold the shoes. Besides, ensure the box has a lid so dry rice can absorb moisture from the shoes effectively.

Step 3: Put your wet shoes open-side down in the box

Dredge the shoes through the rice to get some grains inside for thorough drying. Then, place them upside down and pour extra rice until they are covered entirely.

Step 4: Close the box tightly and wait for 2 hours

Allow the box to sit still for two hours as the rice grains absorb moisture from the shoes. After 2 hours, check them out. If they are still damp, give them more time. Replace the rice with a new batch of dry grains in the box to reduce the drying time.

Method 3: Using a Fan

Using a Fan to dry shoes

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Step 1: Remove the shoe laces and insoles

Remove the laces and insoles and lay them in a well-ventilated area to air dry. Alternatively, you can hang them somewhere they won't get tangled, like over a shower curtain rod or on a clothes drying rack.

Step 2: Look for a standing/table fan

Look for a strong fan taller than your shoes and use it. To dry your shoes, hang them on the fan.

Step 3: Set the fan to medium or high

Keep the fan running for 2-3 hours or until the shoes are completely dry. Once they are dry, replace the laces and insoles and get ready to hit the road.

Method 4: Using Newspaper

Drying shoes using newspaper method

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Step 1: Look for a newspaper and remove pages with a lot of coloured ink

Use the pages with less or no photos that concentrate a lot of ink in one spot. Pages with photos may leak ink onto your white or leather shoes, especially since they are wet.

Step 2: Remove laces and insoles

Remove the laces and insoles and allow the shoes to air dry in a well-ventilated spot away from direct sunlight. Besides, hang the laces and insoles on a drying rack like you would with soaking wet clothes.

Step 3: Roll up the newspaper pages and put them in the shoes

Fill the shoes as much as possible by stuffing crumpled papers into the toe boxes and adding more until the inside is full.

Step 4: Wrap the wet shoes in newspaper pages

Make a sheet about two to three layers thick out of the newspaper, then wrap your shoes in it as firmly as possible to absorb more moisture. Secure the newspapers with rubber bands.

Step 5: Put the wrapped shoes on a well-ventilated area

A countertop or tabletop in a room with open windows is ideal, as is a shady spot outside on a breezy day.

Step 6: Check and replace the wet pages after every 2-3 hours

If you want to make drying quicker, we recommend replacing any pages that feel wet with new, dry ones. Letting wet pages sit in your shoes will slow things down. Drying may take 30 minutes or a few hours.

Method 5: Using a Shoe Dryer

Dry wet shoes with a shoe dryer

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Step 1: Rub your shoes as dry as possible with a cloth

Use a cloth or paper towel to rub your shoes dry. This will help accelerate the drying process of your shoes. It will also help prevent water dripping, which is good since most shoe dryers are electric.

Step 2: Place your shoes on the shoe dryer and turn it on

Lower your shoe upside down onto one of the tall towers connected to the machine's base. Then, start the shoe dryer and wait while it does its job.

Keep in mind that some shoe dryers usually heat the towers to dry shoes through convection, while others force hot air to circulate through the shoes.

Step 3: Check your shoes after 3 hours

Most shoe dryers usually have timers to prevent fire hazards caused by overheating. The length of the timer varies, although it doesn't exceed three hours. If your shoes are still damp after three hours, leave them on the dryer to continue air drying. Alternatively, you can wait for the shoe dryer to cool down before starting it again until the shoes are completely dry.

Step 4: Apply leather cream to your shoes (If Applicable)

The heat from a shoe dryer can make leather hard and stiff, so we recommend applying leather conditioner ( if you have leather shoes) with a clean cloth. This will make the shoes more comfortable and back in shape.

What Are the Tips to Keep Your Shoes Dry Inside and Out

Wear Waterproof Shoes

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1. Wear waterproof shoes

With our Vessi Shoes, you don't have to check the weather before leaving the house because they are 100% waterproof. Yes, you heard me! Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to dry feet with Vessi waterproof shoes.

We craft our shoes to keep your feet dry and comfortable, no matter the weather. And luckily, they come in different varieties. We have Vessi Everyday Sneakers, Vessi Weekend SneakersVessi Cityscape Sneakers, and Kid's Waterproof Sneakers, to mention a few. No matter the weather, you will always look stylish.

2. Wear breathable shoes

When you think of breathable shoes, Vessi sneakers should be high on your list. We designed these shoes with a patented knit material with an integrated layer allowing heat and sweat to escape so your feet can breathe and keep all the elements out.

Do you know what's cool? Our waterproof shoes are actually breathable. So no more feeling like your feet are suffocating inside.

3. Avoid wearing shoes in inclement weather

If you haven't yet grabbed a pair of our waterproof shoes, you should avoid wearing your shoes in inclement weather or the snow if they are not waterproof. Prevention is key, so protect your feet with waterproof shoes!

4. Waterproof your shoes

Here's the deal: to make shoes waterproof, just grab some waterproof shoe spray and follow the instructions on the can. Keep in mind - if you waterproof your shoes, it might affect their breathability a bit. It's a small price to pay for keeping your feet dry and comfy!

Check out the best waterproof shoes for everyday use to save you from all this trouble.

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