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Helping Mom Make Masks For The Community

Wesley, BC

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hello! I am going into my 3rd year of nursing at UBCO. I have done dragon-boating with SFU for the past two years and was supposed to be with UBC Current this year, but Covid-19 has complicated things.

I love Vessi! I got my entire family hooked, and I am constantly representing the brand in Kelowna!

Besides dragon-boating, my employment as a summertime English camp instructor has also been affected, so I am currently trying to find work as a care aide.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I am applying to support my mother! After coming back home I found out that my mother and godmother have started making mask for our neighbours and her co-workers. All of them are old/elderly, many immunocompromised with cancer/pre-existing conditions. I have seen my mom and godmother work late into the night, sewing the masks. From my experience in the hospital the quality of the masks impress me!

MASKS: My mom has been ordering quality fabric and air filters. The masks come with a space to replace the air filters and come with an effective adjustable nose seal.

DELIVERY: My mom has been contacting neighbours, retired co-workers (ex. social workers), their families (retired teachers and veterans, and current co-workers to see if they want masks. Once she prepares them she delivers them as well!

I honestly find it very touching that my mom and godmother have invested so much time, money, and effort into creating masks to give to older people and retirees! I would love to provide them with some financial support to their project.

What inspired your project and what impact would you like to make?

People who are elderly retired, immunocompromised, and those who lack a strong social support network. Some examples of people receiving these masks are veterans, retired social workers, and people with chronic pre-existing conditions.

My mother first started off making these masks for our family and then she sent masks to our elderly extended family in Ontario who live by themselves. I think she likes doing this and just decided to spread the good vibes!

Honestly, I am very proud of my mothers project and it is already in full swing! I would love to give her some financial support to continue this project. I know that having some recognition from one of her favourite shoe companies would mean the world to her! It is very heartwarming to see my mom and godmother motivated to do a project they have come up with on their own.

Most importantly I know that the people who receive these masks will benefit and feel supported by our community during these difficult times.

Your message to the community:
I am so happy and proud of my family for taking this opportunity to help our friends, neighbours, and community!

Experiencing this pandemic has caused all of us to face a lot of stress, hardship and loss, however, it has also highlighted the beautiful things that can happen when we care for one another. A big thank you to the front line workers, small businesses, teachers, students, childcare providers and EVERYONE who practices social distancing! Your sacrifices are all making the difference during this difficult time.

I encourage everyone to stay healthy, stay connected, and continue spreading the good vibes, not only through this pandemic but beyond!

Say hi to Wesley!  

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