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Handmade Ear-Savers for Workers

Monica, Ontario

Tell us a little about yourself!

I can’t indulge in many hobbies or much of anything at home. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to take on a project that is productive and provides value for the community.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I’ve created an idea for people most importantly workers wearing masks all day to relieve the pressure on their head. It’s a smarter and much simpler idea than a headband that I’ve been seeing some people making. I’d love to sew and make as many as possible to give out! Just require purchase of thread fabric and buttons!

What inspired your project and what impact would you like to make?
I hope to improve the experiences of those who are wearing masks all day.  There is a big community in demand right now and I want to help!

Your message to the community:
There is nothing better than seeing people come together to help one another.

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Monthly Songs #Rain
  1. Singing in the rain
    Jean Kelly

  2. Umbrella

  3. Coming Clean
    Hilary Duff

  4. Raining Men
    The Weather Girls

  5. Set fire to the rain

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