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Hand-Sewn Masks For Elderly Veterans

Kate, Buffalo 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a pharmacy school student who is graduating this May. I'm starting my job at one of the hospitals in Buffalo, NY on June 1st, ready to fight COVID-19! My hobby is sewing.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
If I were to get $100 from Vessi, I would use this funds to buy cloth from local Walmart, sew masks and donate these masks to the local Rochester outpatient VA clinic which is located a minute from my house.

My pharmacy student friends would come together, use approved patterns and saw as many masks as we can in short period of time.

With the requirements of wearing masks in New York many elderly veterans are not able to comply because they do jot have ability to make DIY masks, posing unnecessary risks to themselves. We want and know how to help them.

Who inspired you?
The elderly veteran population in my community inspired my project.

Recent rotation at local outpatient VA clinic have showed me that our elderly veterans are especially in need, and often forgotten and alone. I want to positively impact their lives, and sew masks to protect them from Covid-19.

There are hundreds of elderly veterans in my community, and many have co-morbidities that preclude them from getting out of the house. Getting them masks is a small positive impact that I can make as a pharmacy student.

Your message to the community:
I believe that during the hard times it is always important to take care of the vulnerable members of our community!

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