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Hand-Sewn Masks for Clinics

Loretta, Illinois 

Tell us a little about yourself

I work as a nurse at a local clinic and the local hospital. I’ve been in nursing for over 10 years and work as a volunteer in the community. I always strive to put others ahead of myself. My favorite outlet apart from volunteer work is playing the cello. Which I’ve done for almost 16 years.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project

Several clinics in the area as well as elderly in the community do not have the money to purchase appropriate PPE, partly because we are a smaller community with minimum resources.

But with COVID-19 numbers on the rise and a community mainly made up of those 50 and up, I’d use the money to buy appropriate supplies to buy and make masks to give back to the community and front line workers. My mother has already gone out and purchased majority of the supplies including a sewing machine.

We just need more help covering the material. That way everyone in our community can have masks with the appropriate filters in them.

Who inspired you?
All the front line workers and elderly in my community. All the people I love and care about and see every day. This community is where I was born and raised I want to give back to those people that helped define who I am.

Your message to the community.
In this most critical time of need. Our humanity is most important. Giving to those in need and supporting one another is a way to maintain our humanity. With unity and kindness we are strong!

Project Update:

We received the funds yesterday and immediately went out and purchased a surplus of material and supplies to make homemade masks! 

We’ve been up most of the day yesterday, last night, and this morning making masks! We will continue to do our part to help our community and healthcare workers and ALL those in need! With your help of the grant we are able to make it happen!

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