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Hand Painted Cards For Essential Workers

Rhea, Alberta


Tell us a little about yourself.

I've been working from home since coronavirus has been declared a global pandemic, and have started to paint watercolour again as a form of self-care.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I have already handpainted 50 cards for the frontline workers as a way to express my gratitude for their sacrifices, but my hand started to hurt so I'm taking a little pause.

With funding however, I can get my art digitally printed locally, and could possibly reach a far-wider number of recipients than I can when I manually paint them. I am also looking at paying someone else to distribute them to the frontliners, as I have a pre-existing condition that puts me at a higher risk of exposure to the virus if I do it myself.

Who/ What inspired you?
The frontliners who have selflessly risked their lives to save others. The collective acts of kindness in my city and around the globe, including you, Vessi.

Since I have taught myself how to paint, I have always wanted to share my art for good cause. I haven't had that opportunity yet. My art has helped me get through the toughest seasons of my life, and in this pandemic I don't want to miss the chance to make a difference out in the world, even if it means lifting someone's spirit by sending a thank-you note. 

Your message to the community

I believe that we all can contribute to bouncing our communities forward. Every bit of effort counts.


100 handpainted cards have been delivered to the Edmonton Grocery Workers! 

Back in March, while I was watching the local news in the thick of the covid outbreak, another story stuck out. In an effort to help the first responders of Alberta, a couple eagerly donated two N95 masks to the provincial government, indicating that it may not be much, but it's all they got.
Those two stories moved me deeply, and I've had my heart set on doing my bit for the community. I took five days off work when the world started reeling under the virus, and began painting my heart out on April 9th, only stopping when my hand couldn't move any longer. I felt the onset of carpal tunnel symptoms by the time I got to my 60th card, forcing me to completely pause my project.
I thought I'd never get to reach my goal, until one day I came across Vessi Footwear's Community Fund. In my application I told them that I believe we all can contribute to bouncing our communities forward, and that every bit of effort counts. I was happy to be quickly approved, and the fund that I initially planned to cover the cost for digitally printing my cards, will pay for the distribution part instead. Because of my autoimmune disorder, I am being extra careful about going out in this pandemic, so I have hired someone to deliver the cards to 100 Grocers for me over the long weekend.
Having had enough rest after the pause, I then decided to double down on finishing the last 40 cards or so by hand. If you're reading this today because my card found its way into your hands, I want you to know that my project may seem like a tiny gesture, but I gave it all I got. Hope it brightened up your day somehow!

Read the full blog about my whole project here!

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