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Hack the Pandemic 3D Prints PPE

Jerry, New York

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! My name is Jerry and I am the founder and CEO of Hack the Pandemic. We are a driven group of Makers, Designers, and Volunteers that work with healthcare providers to develop PPE to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic.

I am a high school Sophomore in Westchester County NY, the current epicenter of the US outbreak.

Outside of creating PPE, I am a robotics and engineering enthusiast with my work appearing at the FIRST and MATE national competitions and have worked with other Not for profits to develop tech solutions to make the world a better place.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
Hack The Pandemic was created to help with a problem that we saw an easy solution for, PPE shortages in hospitals. We realized that there are people sitting at home with 3D printers and aren't using them for anything. There was our solution, to utilize the unused printers to create much needed medical supplies.

We launched on March 23rd and since then, have grown to over 200 active makers and have locations across the East Coast. since our inception, we have been able to deliver over 2500 face shields, mask ear savers, and intubation boxes to medical facilities in our area. Our R&D team is working on exciting new solutions to produce items such as plastic Gowns and PAPR units at a unparalleled scale.

Our 3D Printed Face Shields were designed as a quick response to an easily solvable problem we saw, lack of facial PPE in hospitals during the pandemic. These newly developed NIH approved shields are designed to be a one time use product but can be washed in a dilute bleach bath and reused.

Ear Savers are strain relief bands used to prevent a mask's ear loops from digging into the eats of the wearer. With multiple adjustment options, they also allow larger masks to be worn by smaller users.

Intubation boxes are a tool designed to be used by Anesthesiologists to protect them selves from bodily fluids while intubating a patient. The box can be set over a patients head and has glove holes to access the patient from behind. Produced on demand only.

Who / What inspired you?

We work directly with healthcare providers and essential workers to keep them safe and healthy during this time.

While most of our work has been done in hospitals, we also work with grocers, public servants, emergency responders, and postal service workers I was inspired to start Hack The Pandemic because I was so close to the epi-center of the outbreak and felt really powerless to do anything.

I like to help wherever I can and I realized that a lot of my friends and local education groups had 3D printers that were not being utilized. After asking them to start producing face shields, we realized that there was a real need for more and more PPE in the New York area. 

Your message to the community:
Be sure to stay safe and stay at home! If you or someone you know of either needs PPE for their job or can help us to produce PPE, please reach out at!

Say hi to Hack The Pandemic!

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