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Guide to Winter Holiday Cheer

The holidays might look a little different this year but we mustn't let it get us down.

If you're feeling a little blue about the holidays, or if you want to make your surroundings a little more festive - we hope our guide helps you get in the holiday cheer.

Hot treats to warm the soul.

 1. Traditional German Mulled Wine (Gluhwein) 

Some of our favourite holiday memories are strolling through Christmas Markets, shopping for crafts, tasting treats, and enjoying the lights all with a hot cup of Gluhwein in gloved hands.

While we can't visit any Christmas markets this year, we can make our homes feel just as festive by brewing up a big pot of homemade gluhwein. Cloves, cinnamon, star anise and citrus combine to create a heavenly aroma that will fill your home with warmth. 

 2. Hot Spiced Apple Cider

cups of spiced hot apple cider
This spiced apple cider is like a cup of liquid gold ... and you can even make it in your Instapot! 

It's  everything you could want in a holiday beverage: fruity, warm, spicy in the best way and simply delightful. Let each sip soothe you, and let the amazing aroma fill your home nicer than any candle.

 3. Vegan Hot Chocolate

If you're anything like us you also get a massive craving for rich, delectable, creamy hot chocolate. It's sometimes hard to find a Vegan version, and we love this recipe which is perfect for those with dietary restrictions - keto, lactose free, paleo, egg free, sugar free.

Holiday Movies to Watch

Now that you're set with your favourite hot drink, grab your favourite blanket and get cozy with a list of our favourite Holiday movies. Home Alone⁠

💧 Elf⁠
💧 Edward Scissorhands⁠
💧 The Polar Express⁠
💧 Die Hard⁠
💧 The Grinch⁠
💧 Nightmare Before Christmas⁠
💧 Bad Santa⁠
💧 A Charlie Brown Christmas⁠
💧 Scrooged⁠
💧 A Christmas Story⁠
💧 It’s a Wonderful Life⁠
💧 Christmas Vacation
💧 Gremlins
💧 White Christmas
💧 The Holiday
💧 Muppets Christmas Carol
💧 Jingle All The Way

Bake Cookies

Holiday Cookie Box

Woodland Holiday Cookie Box by Constellation Inspiration

When we bake, we have the opportunity to create, give and enjoy delicious treats! Here are a few of our favourite recipes:

DIY Home Decorations

Still haven't decorated your home? No problem. Here are some quick, easy, and affordable DIY home decorations you can try to give your home a bit of holiday cheer.

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votive

Snowflake Ornament

Star Garlands

Star Garlands

Video Webcam Hangout Activities

Even if we can't see our loved ones in person, we can spend time together on video call. Here are some fun game ideas you can play with your friends and family.

We hope these ideas help you get in the holiday cheer. 

Don't forget to go outside and hunt some puddles in your Vessis!

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