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Grocery Deliveries For The Disabled & Elderly

Beshoi, California 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I’m a current 2nd year Medical Student. I had to travel back home during this pandemic and finish the semester online while taking all the exams through proctored systems.

I enjoy weightlifting and traveling however the latter is not an option at the moment due to the pandemic. Fearing the unknown future has filled many of us with stress; however it’s how we respond to these situations is what makes us different.

I'm also an Orthodox Christian and I’ve been helping out the elderly and disabled in my church and community by delivering groceries and setting up virtual telehealth appointments to those who might need medical care.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
"Postmates, Uber, Grub hub are all food delivering services; however none of these big name companies have created grocery delivery services to the ones in need, especially the disabled and elderly during this pandemic. Although they do deliver food, and have offered discounts on delivery services from specific providers, many of the elders have difficulty utilizing these applications.

The idea first began when I was unable to visit my own grandfather at the nursing home, but I was able to deliver any food/groceries that he liked as long as it was sealed. I began to think how many other elderly individuals who might be immunocompromised and unable to leave their homes to get groceries, medication and toiletries within my community. I reached out to my church and suggested to gather a group of volunteers, over 18 years old who have cars and are willing to help.

The biggest issue we face is lack of income to buy and supply the ones in need as this pandemic has affected us and our families. We have the cars and labor, but we lack the income to keep up with the demand needed in the community."

Who inspired you?

Elderly, disabled or immunocompromised individuals who can’t leave their homes to get things they need such as groceries, toiletries or medications in the cities of Cerritos, Downey and Lakewood.

The interaction I had with my grandfather when he asked me to get him things he needed over FaceTime.

Seeing how happy he was reminded me that there are many others in need of help I will be reaching out to find individuals besides the ones we are already helping who need in my area through the help of social media and my church which has strong ties in the community.

Your message to the community:

This is one of the few times in life where the whole world is going through something similar.

Whether it is staying at home, working on the front lines or doing something small but special for someone else people everywhere have an opportunity to work together.

So during this time let’s #makewaves even if it’s small ones for the ones that we love and care about because you never know how big your wave is to them.

Say hi to Beshoi : @itsssjustb @coptsinhealthcare

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