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Food Hampers For Families and Community Garden

Sidney, Dawson Creek

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a teacher in Dawson Creek, BC. I am interested in anything to do with the outdoors, gardening, fishing, running, walking my dogs, I also love sports like volleyball, hockey, baseball and others.

This pandemic is making it extremely difficult to encourage children and families to keep pushing forward. Our community is seeing a large increase of domestic violence with this situation and it is becoming hard for our community to see the light ahead.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

I am a teacher at a low income school in Dawson Creek, BC. Our school had a program that would support children and families in providing food for the day and for dinners.

Due to the pandemic, we are sending food hampers but it is not quite making ends meet for our community. We are also sure that families are lacking necessary supplies for living. Such as toiletries and others.

I would like to start a community garden in our school yard for families to have fresh produce and access to healthy food during the months away from school. It would also provide learning to those who are interested in gardening opportunities.

Who / What inspired you?

I am hoping to help families, children, essential workers, and the whole community during this hard time. If there is money left over from the project I will donate the rest to a grocery fund for families in need.

My students have inspired me to do better for them each and every day. I am inspired by their perseverance and drive to make it through challenging times. I will use this food to improve their everyday life.

Children will be responsible for painting our garden boxes and will have the opportunity to put forward ideas for the garden and learn about different uses of plants and herbs.

Your message to the community:
During these hard times we need to continue to support the communities around us and the friends that were at risk before, now, and will be after. This community garden will give secure food during the summer!

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