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Food Bank Donations and Cookies For Community

Victoria, Saskatchewan 

Tell us a little about yourself!

"I work at my local YMCA as a Youth Instructor!💕

I love baking, cooking, and dancing!

Experiencing a pandemic for the first time in my life made me realize how much I have taken granted of the simple things in life and realizing how by taking action and creating an impact (no matter the size) can help and uplift the community and people around us during time of fear and worries."

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I have two parts to my plan of action:

1. Using 3/4 of the money, I plan on contacting local grocery stores (like superstore and co-op), asking them to match the amount of items/purchase I make and donate to the food bank. If they say yes then that would be awesome, if not I will still buy essential non-perishable items like baby food, oatmeal, pasta, soups, etc and donate them to my local food bank!

2. Using the remaining 1/4 of the money I will spend it on baking supplies and I plan on baking delicious cookies to give out to my neighbours and community and/or the teachers at my school, thanking them for being supportive and helping with online learning.

Who / What inspired you?

I hope to create a positive impact on my community. I want to brighten peoples day and thank them for all that they do, as well as encourage them to keep strong during this tough time.

Seeing news reports about front line workers working hard everyday and saving lives, as well as many communities and individuals coming together through unique and creative ways on coping and supporting one another genuinely touched me and made me feel a passion and WANT to help out and support others in my community!

Thank you for being such a positive and great company, supporting people and encouraging others to do the same!

Your message to the community:
Be your best self by taking care of yourself first. Once you become the best you, you will be ready to go out and create a strong positive impact in your community!

Say hi to Victoria!

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Monthly Songs #Rain
  1. Singing in the rain
    Jean Kelly

  2. Umbrella

  3. Coming Clean
    Hilary Duff

  4. Raining Men
    The Weather Girls

  5. Set fire to the rain

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