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Floating Lanterns for Hospital

Elaine, Pennsylvania

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am the mother of six and grandmother of two. I work in the nonprofit sector and love bringing people together in common goals of community.

The pandemic has not been personally difficult, but I feel stress over what is ahead and how difficult many people are finding it, which has lead to some really scary rallies, and people not wanting to social distance or wear masks.

It is unsettling to watch a tumbling country, where fear, apathy or a bit of ignorance has pushed us further from a kind and caring society.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

We are working on a small event to bring our community together in a healing and caring manner through launching floating lanterns on a small pond outside the grounds of the regional hospital that serves our county and surrounding areas.

The lanterns would be distributed to the community for people to decorate with their thoughts, wishes and prayers for one another. We would collect the lanterns a few days before the event at drop off boxes in the community.

We would then set them on the pond with candles on the evening, we think for the summer solstice. We would like to figure out how to then live stream this to the community via Zoom or Facebook live.

What inspired your project and what impact would you like to make?

We would like to lift the spirits of the community, to be visible from the large hospital rooms and raise some funds for the local arts council and our historic theatre.

We are inspired by the kindness of people who have kept working as essential workers during our shelter at home orders. We know that we need each other and that is what we also wish to acknowledge.

We choose the lanterns because the can be cleaned up following the event. Unlike the beautiful sky lanterns that float silently up into the sky, but land somewhere unknown.

We would like to ask the fire company to start off the evening as they have been doing for the drive by birthdays. People need hope, they need calming beauty and hope. This is probably more important than we all understand.

Your message to the community:
We are in this together in the valleys and over the hills. May we find kindness with each other and patience in our struggles. We will get through this.

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