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Face Shields and Ear Savers For Healthcare Workers

Chris, Richmond 

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am both a licensed paramedic and a graduating high school student from Richmond BC making face shields and EarSavers for front line workers.

I have been making these since mid March until now and I’m still at it. I have struggled with financial support for materials I needed to make these products which are all being donated to hospitals, care homes, pharmacies and people who need protection.

Any financial support you folks could help with would all go back to the community. I have sent over 600 EarSavers and over 700 Face Shields to Europe, all over BC, and also Manitoba.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.
I have always wanted and have supported the community as much as possible as a volunteer paramedic prior to this pandemic. During the pandemic lockdown I am helping by making face shields and EarSavers. I have and am planning on continuing to ship out face shields and EarSavers to whomever needs it.

Who inspired you?

My brothers and sisters who are fighting in the front lines. Hospital workers especially care home workers who are often left in the dark. Anyone who is doing a service to humanity and essential to people. Being a paramedic, volunteer responder, and the people around me who constant push me to be a better person. Most importantly my parents who push me to do the right thing even if it costs me a little if I can afford.

I have dedicated my project to the majority of care home workers who are left in the dark in both financial and personnel support. But also to any medical worker being that I am a volunteer responder. 

Im hoping to help anyone in need. 

Your message to the community:

Thank you so much for helping support my project and helping in flattening the curve by supporting our essential workers with the PPE they need!


Say hi to Chris!

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