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Hero Hooks Ear Savers for Frontline Workers

Stephanie, Vancouver

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! I'm Stephanie and together with my husband, Eric, we co-founded a laser cut studio called Box Not Box specializing in personalized decor for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, public spaces, and more!

We've done installations for large brands like DHL and NBA and high-profile individuals like Bo Horvat, Captain of the Vancouver Canucks. The pandemic has impacted our business as large events are on hold indefinitely but it doesn't stop us from being creative and from using our laser cutter for good!

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

Using acrylic material we already have in the studio, we produced over 1,300 ear savers that were designed to relieve stress from elastic band digging in the ears of our frontline workers who wear surgical masks for 12+ hour shifts.

These acrylic hooks are easy to disinfect and the superhero design is made to boost their spirit. We're donating our time and taking on all the expenses so hospitals across the country can focus on providing the best care to their patients.

What inspired you?

The community. It's so inspiring to see how ordinary people are stepping up to find ways to help and thank front line workers and we knew we could not just sit down and wait. 

One of our past clients sent us an article about this ear savers project started by a hobbyist in Langley, Gabe Gat. We reached out to him and in less than 1 week, we produced over 1,300 ear savers and organized 650 more through the local maker community.

I wasn't sure how helpful the ear savers would be, but we received a lot of messages from different health care workers thanking us for donating a product to relieve the pain on their ears. The thought of that keeps me going!

Your message to the community:

It's been such a rewarding experience making these ear savers and hearing such positive responses directly from the receiving healthcare workers. It makes me proud that local Vancouverites and local companies like Vessi are stepping up to help us get more ear savers made for hospitals across the country.


Say hi to Stephanie! 

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