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Best Winter Boots 2021: 5 Picks for Warmth and Comfort

When looking to buy a new pair of winter boots, it is vital to consider warmth and comfort, plus style and protection from elements. For the coldest season, you need to prevent your feet and toes from freezing while also making sure you don't compromise your style.

A winter boot has certain features that make it ideal for the weather. Firstly, it features a thick outsole and lower part that's adequately treaded for anti-slip properties. Then, it comes in a lace-up or slip-on design, with an upper made of high-quality materials. It could also feature a removable liner or a warm cuff.

However, depending on where you live, you do not always need thick-soled, lace-up shoes. If you live in the suburbs of a city, you probably just need a lightweight insulated shoe to keep the cold at bay. If you walk on paved sidewalks, you can invest in a great pair of sneakers from a brand like Vessi. It is a brand that sells waterproof sneakers, which are ideal for all seasons, including winter.

The following is an in-depth review of 5 of the best winter boots from different brands for people. This article will provide each pair's pros and cons and a few features that can help you pick the best boots for your environment.

1. Best Overall: Columbia Bugaboot Cold Weather Boots

For men

For women

If you want to continue with your adventures like hiking, these snow boots from Columbia will be your ideal winter shoes. They come in a lace-up design to keep your feet warm and dry throughout any terrain and are stylish and available in different colors and sizes.

The boot features a thick sole made with rubber and a shaft that measures approximately 6.5" from the arch. The outsole is designed for enough traction in winter weather, featuring a unique tread design with siping and winter compounds for enough grip.

The uppers are made with a mix of leather, nylon, and webbing. Designed to be waterproof, the upper is lightweight with at least 200g thermo-reflective soft lining for sub-zero weather conditions. The boot's toe rand leaves enough room for socks and toe movement to prevent blisters.


  • Ideal cold weather boots for outdoor adventure
  • The lace-up design is best to retain warmth
  • Thick outsole with rubber tread patterns for traction
  • Waterproof uppers will keep moisture and cold away
  • Insulated lining to keep your feet warm in sub-zero climate
  • Available at affordable prices
  • The boots are stylish to pair well with your winter outfits


  • You could need to order a bigger size
  • Thick outsoles difficult to drive in

2. Runners Up: Sorel Caribou Waterproof Boots for Winter

For men

For women

If you live in an area whose winters come with freezing and thawing cycles, this is the ideal boot for you. It is available for both men and women and in different sizes and colors.

Inclement weather calls for warmer footwear, and it is precisely what these boots are designed for. They feature a thick rubber outsole with deep lugs for increases traction and grip. The sole will lift you over an inch above the ground to protect you from winter slush.

The uppers are made with leather and seam-sealed for a rugged look. The shoe is designed to be waterproof and features a metal lace-up shaft and a tongue sewed up to the snow collar to prevent any moisture entry or heat loss. The metallic D-rings allow easy speed lacing.

For sub-zero weather conditions, this boot comes with a synthetic liner and faux shearing snow cuff. You can purchase wool liners to wear with the shoes for better warmth. The inside of the boot leaves a wide surface area, so you can wear it with socks and still leave enough room to wiggle your toes without friction.


  • Designed for sub-zero weather conditions
  • Thick soles will lift you higher than any slush
  • The boots feature a lace-up design with a tongue gusseted up to the collar for warmth and perfect fit
  • Metallic D-rings allow easy and speedy lace fastening
  • Deep lugs on outsoles provide anti-slip properties
  • Made with leather and seam-sealed for waterproofing
  • Enough room for extra liners and socks
  • rugged look ideal for other weather conditions and fashion outfits


  • Synthetic liners can lead to undesirable odors when worn for extended periods
  • Thick outsoles are hard to drive with.

3. For Kids: Kamik Unisex Rocket Winter Boots for Children

Snow is something all kids look forward to, where they can enjoy creating their ideal snowman and other figures. This Kamik winter boot is designed for children from ages 1 to 12 years and is available in different colors for both boys and girls.

Kamik is one of the best winter footwear brands in the country, and they certainly do not disappoint with this boot. It is made with high-quality materials and a child-friendly design to preserve warmth and comfort.

The outsoles are made with rubber and patterned with deep lugs for a firm grip in the winter snow. The lower of the boot is waterproof, while the upper is made with a bungee cord snow collar fitted with a hook and loop for easy fastening.

These winter boots also come with thermal insoles and moisture licking liners to ensure your little one's feet are protected from the harsh external elements. The boots are available at very affordable prices so your child can unleash their creative side without worrying about the cold snow or slush.


  • Thick outsoles protect children against cold, moisture, and slush
  • best snow boots for children of all ages and sizes
  • Available in different colors to suit girls and boys
  • Rubber outsoles with lug patterns for traction and grip
  • Waterproof lower to protect your child's feet
  • Thermal insoles to keep feet warm and comfortable
  • Upper fitted with hook and loop for easy and comfortable fastening


  • The seam between the shoe lower and upper is not waterproof
  • It can be tasking to wear the boots

4. Best Lightweight: Ugg Adirondack III & Ugg Butte

For men

For women

If you want a winter boot you can easily drive and walk in, then these are two options you will fancy. The men's snowboot Ugg Butte and the women's snow boots Ugg Adirondak III are some of the lightest winter boots you will find. They are unique with a design that resembles everyday boots.

They come with thinner soles that hug the surfaces well with aggressive lugs for maximum grip. The soles allow flexibility and make the boots feel less obtrusive on your feet.

The shoe uppers are made with leather for water-resistant properties. They rock a lace-up design for easy and comfortable fitting. The upper also comes with a woolen lining to guarantee warmth and durability. Wool is the best material if you o not want sweat to cause undesirable odors.

The shoe upper comes rolled down, but you can roll it up to reveal an 11-inch upper shaft you will find vital for winter weather. The interior liner is ideal for sub-zero conditions, with Uggs determining this shoe is fit for -32 degrees weather.

The shoes are available in different sizes and in several colors.


  • From a reputable footwear brand
  • Adequate for sub-zero climate
  • They feature a lace-up design that is ideal for winter weather
  • The shoes come with woolen insoles to provide extra warmth and comfort without a bad odor
  • Thinner soles with lugs to provide a firm grip on wet surfaces
  • The lightweight outsoles are ideal for driving and walking long distances
  • Both boots are available in different colors and sizes


  • Both winter boots are quite pricey

5. Best Slip-On Winter Boots: Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid

For men

For women

If you are very active during winter, you will need a winter boot you can easily pull on or off. If you need to shovel ice or other simple tasks like taking the trash out, some slip-on boots are your best picks.

These pairs from Muck Boot are designed to provide adequate traction and build to last many long winters. They are available in men's and women's sizes and also available in several color options.

One thing you might not find in many winter boots is an aggressive lug pattern that will keep you on your feet even on very smooth ice. These Muck Boot winter boots feature Vibram Arctic Grip rubber lugs that can hold against soft and wet ice for better friction and grip.

The uppers are made with an outer shell of hard rubber and a neoprene layer that provides the needed insulation. Unlike other boots with a lace-up design and featuring thick insoles, these come in a simple design that makes them easy to wear and remove.

These winter boots are waterproof, shockproof, and retain heat for happy and comfortable feet. Additionally, they are made with high-quality materials to adapt to the shape of your feet, with the only downside being the wide top opening that could let snow in.


  • Waterproof and shockproof winter boots
  • Available for both men and women
  • They come in several colors to pair well with outfits
  • Winterized rubber soles provide more friction against wet surfaces for better grip
  • Uppers made with neoprene that retains heat for warm feet
  • They are easy to wear and clean
  • Ideal for sub-zero temperatures
  • The boots contour to the shape of your feet
  • The boots come with very comfortable insoles for longer wearing


  • Wide top opening can let in snow

Essential Features to Look for in the Best Winter Boot Pairs

When buying winter boots, a number of features are ideal when testing for the best pairs. These include;

  1. Waterproofing
  2. Warmth
  3. Outsole and traction
  4. Style or design
  5. Cost

a) Waterproofing

The first feature to look for when buying a new pair of winter boots is a waterproof upper exterior. As happens with all cold weather seasons, you will come across a hidden water puddle or, in the case of winter, heaps of snow that you want to keep away from your feet.

If you cannot find a waterproof winter boot, you could look for those with thick outsoles, around 8 inches, and snow collars to line the boot's top opening.

b) Warmth

It would help if you had warm winter boots to protect your feet and toes from freezing. A warm boot has several features such as high-temperature ratings from the manufacturer, reflective layers to send heat back to your feet, and various insulation types.

This article shared boots with three types of insulation: neoprene, warm insoles, and reflective layers. Before buying, check how well-insulated boots are, and remember you can buy extra winter boot liners from a store near you.

If you decide to buy liners, pick wool or fleece, as these are two cozy materials that retain heat and keep unwanted odors at bay. When checking for the best insulation, pick a boot with at least 200-gram insulation as it is enough for below zero degree temperatures.

c) Outsole material and traction

Winter comes with unpredictable conditions on surfaces you walk on. As such, you need your winter boots to have the best outsole material and enough lug patterns to provide more stability as you walk.

When buying, look for boots with rubber soles and widely spaced rubber lugs fr the best traction. Additionally, make sure the boot is your perfect size so it can hug your foot nicely to prevent sliding. Boots with the best outsoles enable you to enjoy stress-free walking or even winter hiking, among other great activities.

d) Style or design

There are many types of winter boots available today, but you will appreciate the effectiveness of lace-up designs and slip-on designs. Lace-up boots are ideal for traveling on wet surfaces because they offer better traction, while slip-on boots are good for home-based chores.

For style, you might prefer certain looks to pair with your winter outfits. You can find rugged boots or others with stylish features like faux fur. Alternatively, you could opt for tall boots or short boots that have great winter performance.

e) Cost

After you have chosen all your preferred features, the next thing to consider would be the price. Some boots are designed with high-quality materials that account for higher prices. In most cases, these boots have better construction to last you longest.

However, if on a tight budget, you can also find relatively affordable boots and constructed well to withstand any harsh winter.

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