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Activities For Acute Care Neuroscience Patients

Ciana, Saskatchewan

Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a registered nurse in an acute care neurosciences ward. I work with a very specialized group of patients. Stroke, seizures, head and spinal cord trauma, brain tumours, etc. We are often over capacity, short staffed and patient population requires a high level of care.

I work with an amazing interprofessional team that I can only describe as family. We support, care for and give each other hope during these trying times. I don’t know what I’d do without my coworkers.

Tell us about your #MakeWaves project.

With visitor restrictions put in place at our hospital, it has been very difficult for our patients and their family members.

We have graciously been donated iPads and cells phones to set up video chats with patients’ family members and television services are now free within hospital.

This has been a tremendous and gracious thing, however, many of our patients will be in hospital long term and we only have 4 cellphones to share among 45+ patients. There are no recreational services offered to our patients, resulting in extreme boredom.

With this being said, I wish to use the $100 to put together activity boxes for each of the units on our ward. This would include resources to keep our patients’ minds and hands busy. Colouring activities, books, crosswords, etc.

Who inspired you?

My wonderful coworkers and patients! Work has been difficult lately with everything going on but I can always count on my work family and being able to see the change I make in my patients lives makes everything worth it.

I hope to have a direct impact on the patients that I care for. I want their hospital stay to be a time of healing, with meaningful activities and experiences.

The staff is amazing and compassionate, however we only have so much time in our day especially when many of our patients require increased care during their stay. With visitor restrictions in place, it is apparent our patients are dealing with isolation, boredom and increased stress

Your message to the community:
A beautiful day starts with a beautiful mindset!

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